Senior Sunday

Today is Sunday, and for photographers we usually have a Senior Sunday!



So welcome to Senior Sunday! I have on the blog post for Senior Sunday De’Andrea, who also happens to be my daughter! Yes my only daughter who’s a Senior! Whew where did the time fly to?


There are really so many reasons why I picked my daughter today for Senior Sunday! I just have to really say that I am very much proud of her with all the troubles and opticals she had to face her last year of high school.


I won’t go into all the details just yet. I want to save that for Graduation! And yes there will be a blog post for her Graduation for many reasons, as for all my seniors this year as well!


the bad thing about it is that I started off this blog post before all of this lock down happened. Now we have all these seniors who are worried about their last year with so many important mile stones that they may not even be able to do. Not just graduation and walking across the stage, but also prom and senior skip day and so much more. What about signing those yearbooks from friends?


I had said that I wanted to do something special for the seniors on my team and I want to make sure they feel special and appreciated all at the same time. I know for sure I want to have a huge shootout for them, as well as some form of party and just fun for them. I’m hoping that we get a chance to do pics in their prom dresses!


May was the biggest month for my daughter aside from graduation. Her birthday month is included with other things. I’m going to find a way to make it all happen as well. To all my seniors out there, just hang on, it will get better. I have had some people say that they have it easy because they are out early during spring break, but it’s really not. We look forward to this after all these years of hard work and dedication. Not just for the seniors but for parents and family as well.

plan on making a big deal for my seniors this year! Appreciate and love on your 2020 seniors this year! They deserve it!







Throw Back Thursday

Throw back time!


So who are we blogging about today? I have a young lady that I photographed that was a friend of a friend who reached out to me. We call her Red!

this shoot was a quick little basic shoot in a neighborhood I love to go to. She wore this reddish top and some jean shorts, but she came with this white cap on that I actually added to a few of the shots.


one of the shots she had this pink little  flower that she had picked out the field that we were near and I just told her to hold on to it. To be such a tiny girl she had this little spook to her, but although I know she was nervous she was very chipper.
The day was a perfect day, a little windy, but a great day to be out to shoot. It was close to sunset so that setting just made it even more beautiful to get some shots in.

She came with a friend who was her biggest cheerleader and helping her to relax. Of course at the end of the shoot we got a photo of them together! I mean why not right?



Throwback Thursday

Hey hey everyone! Welcome to the blog post.

I have a session here with a young lady who contacted me because she saw some other sessions from friends. Word of mouth and visual content means a lot. Word of mouth also explains the experience that clients May have had as well.


This session we did was more of just a get together trail type shoot. It was a really laid back shoot just very dress down.


Alexis, her first time in front of the camera with me, I know she was nervous as can be. I mean think about it, your getting in front of someone else’s camera even though you were told that “she’s cool and makes you feel so comfortable” yeah ok but “I don’t know her myself. I get it, trust me.

Even though I try to get that meet up before we even shoot to meet and chat to see what you expect and want from your shoot, I know that it don’t always go that was as well, so sometimes the first meet up is at the shoot. In that case I give a little extra time to talk and chat and get to know you as a person before saying “oh stand over there and I want you to look like this, or do this and that”



I want to see that you have relaxed a little. That’s when all the magic starts to happen. This session was actually Alexis deacons shoot with me. The location that we went to had this little area that has Hammocks so that you can relax right next to the pond they have. It’s beautiful, so of course we had to lay in one.636E4C6E-4980-40EA-B27F-6D4C97F8B242
what I love about this location is the grey brick walls. Just something about them that really strives me. Then there is this under path that is close to the area we went to. Just kind of took in some areas that were close by. We didn’t want to be out in the heat to long because she is sensitive to the heat.

Time of day matters depending on your clients. I tell clients to take Into knowing what works best for them when they decide on a day and then the time of day. So many people like sunset, and to get sunset you really have to make sure time is right. What I mean by that is that you have to be more then on time. You need to be there at least 15min  before your actual scheduled time, and that’s really for all sessions.

In this location there is a park attached and they have these wood climbing area that I absolutely love as well and I knew I had to get some pics of her next to them. We had a great time with this session!

when you are ready to book your session session casual, cap and gown let me know, we can meet up and talk about your session and see what it is you want to do.



Behind the scenes


So a lot of times you may see me or your photographer taking video here or there or having your friend or parent helping with some boomerangs or clips to get some behind the scenes.


personally it’s a great way to add some fun to your shoot. I usually have a helper with me who can get clips that I want, or sometimes I might stop here and there in-between a shoot and get some clips that I want depending on what it is.



When I do some of the clips at home I may record the whole shoot and then go through and edit what I want to add in a quick clip. It’s always so fun and funny to go back and see. I will catch clients fixing their hair, posting, taking selfies and more, and it’s all memories to have and make cute funny clips or behind the scenes.

In some of these clips it may be their own selfies they took while we were shooting and they just sent them to me so that I could also have them as well. I would usually put everything that everyone has and sent me and put them all together. To see what each person may have captured on their own is also fun to watch. Besides they are so much comfortable taking their own selfies with friends.

Ok as I was listening to the video below, I don’t know who was barking like that lol but this behind the scenes was done during our first shoot out at coyote crossing house which is no longer there. It was such a beautiful cottage that was there for ages and sat on a beautiful large piece of land!

I even have a video of my daughter actually giving away my secret to my bubble! Lol.

Behind the scenes have become one of my favorites to see and receive. Hope you enjoy some of the behind the scenes I have captured myself or from ever everyone else.

The one below was don by my son who was at a shoot with us being that he is on my team for the teens.

Amalia Session


One thing I love about being able to photography Seniors is that each and everyone is so unique in their own ways. You get to have so many different choices on their session based off them.

Most of the time clients will be so nervous when they first get with you because they don’t know what to really expect out of the session. Even though I talk to my clients before sessions, but most of the time they may be nervous with their parents their or standing close by. I have noticed a lot of my clients relax more when the parents aren’t so close to watch them while they are shooting.


This session was actually her first session with me and she came with her boyfriend who stayed in the car but was a distance to be able to see us. We walked around this park, which is one of my favorites to go to.

This yellow top was so cute and it was perfect for the gorgeous weather that we had. A really nice wind speed and of course right around golden hour. This session was really more of a mini session so there was only one outfit change.
This little bridge sits off a nice little lake and I love it for so many reasons.

So we met because she knew someone else I had photographed a few times. We had talked and talked about a sessions and finally got a date together that worked for the both of us.

when we first met up at location it was like I already knew her, we greeted with a huge hug and smiles. I love making everyone feel like family. Making everyone comfortable in front of the camera is key and goal. Trust me it shows in the results believe it or not.



I Really wanted to stay out there and take so many more pics of this young lady but we were  on a time limit, I mean not to mention that this area has so many other locations that you can do with it, but with a mini your limited and have to pick the locations that will work with the outfit and time frame.
Upon booking your session we will talk about location and outfits to fit your session. We want to make sure to get the most out of your session. Multiple outfits makes your session even more exciting and fun.

Dynique .J

Hello Hello Hello!!!

welcome back for another Throwback Thursday!! Yeap we have another blog post to throw back on, and this time we are taking it back to Dynique’s Birthday shoots!!

One thing I absolutely love to do is look back on the shoots that I have taken of my clients and see the growth, not just the change that they have made but also the growth from myself as well! I have actually done two birthday shoots with Dynique so far. The best advantage of that for her is that because she’s on my team she actually gets a free Birthday shoot!



why pass that up? She actually shared her shoot with her sister in one of them! How exciting! They are like best friends. So her first shoot we took in a neighborhood and fought some of the wind. She did two outfits and her balloons. We also did a studio shoot on her second Birthday session, and we were intend to get some outside shots as well but it rained. I don’t mean like a little rain either! It poured!

So we were forced to do both outfits indoors. I also try to encourage the girls or even the guys to get their Birthday session done. These are something to look back on, and besides you get to show them off to your friends. Not just any pics but some nice professional Birthday pictures! It reminds me of a watch me grow. You know, when parents get sessions of their kids from birth to a year?

I actually love to do the Birthday sessions. I am open to what the girls or guys have in mind for their session. After all it is your Birthday session, so you should have it your way. Outfits are decided the same way a regular session is. They send me pics and ideas so that I have an Idea where we can go for their session to best fit. We do theses sessions at least a good 3-4 weeks before their actual Birthday to have plenty of time for editing and have  them ready for posting.

Who wouldn’t want to post a session on their birthday? If you have a Birthday coming up soon, now is the time to start thinking about planning a shoot.

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines to everyone!

I’m not going to do my usually long blog post but rather just a little show of images from the shoot!


Just a mini blog post for Valentines! It has really been a busy week and One of my Senior Reps came to do a mini session with her friend, and her little  sister came to get a different mini session in. It was great to have them in front of the camera!


Raven is one of my Senior Reps, so being in front of the camera with me wasn’t anything new. And what’s so funny is that because she had been shooting with me if I say do this or that she even knows what to do with her head as far as a little lean this way or that way. Lol it’s just funny to know how they pick up on me and know what I want or don’t want.

Starr is a friend of Ravens and this was her first time in front of the camera with me. Although I  know people are shy when they don’t know you or what to expect from you, but she got in front of the camera and really rocked it!


681D254B-6879-46B6-B72C-FDA5994303132E841C9C-7921-4178-8E05-BE49513FF225C083E0AA-0CBE-4D43-94E6-F08051DEE51E2AF2FFF6-5C81-47C3-9241-E933BCAA2F41Dyhana is Raven little sister and she will be joining my teen group, so I had the chance to get a few of her to warm up with. She’s not new to me only because she has been to a shoot with me for her Ravens birthday session! That means I look forward in doing her Birthday session as well!!