What’s a team Ambassador

Have you seen Someone you may know who is always on my page with pictures taken or is always posting pictures from a session and getting a birthday shoot done?

If you see them all the time popping up on my page is probably because they are a Part of my ambassador team. A what team? An ambassador. Do you ever get those little post or messages on your page from random companies who’s looking for someone just like you to wear their glasses, jewelry, or clothes to be featured on their site?

Well upon applying and getting picked it’s all about fun fun fun. I look for people who are energetic, loves to make new friends and just want to be themselves, as well as willing to dress up for different types of fun shoots. Anyone who fits that has the opportunity to apply and have a chance at being an ambassador, and get this! The only thing that is mainly required is that you post your pics from your shoots! What! Yeap, mainly posting and tagging me. I have had some fun girls on the team, and their friends are always asking them, who did your pictures, or how are you getting all these pictures taken. There are of course more perks then what’s already included.

So just a little of some of the main perks that will come with being a part of the team. You get a schedule that will give you dates and amount of shoots through the year..This gives time for planning. We will have the main meet up shoot first that everyone loves the most.

You will get fun shoots, summer pool, Valentines, Christmas etc, and each year it will change. We are also planning a destination shoot next year to Austin!

You will get a free birthday shoot catered to you! And get this, there is something extra special you will get with your birthday shoot! I will leave that one a surprise. You have the opportunity to get featured by big time senior pages who feature in magazines! These magazines are worldwide! Who doesn’t want to be in a magazine!

So what are you waiting for? If your looking to be a part of something fun and exciting then this is for you. I will be opening applications up really soon, and I promise that you don’t want to miss this years team experience. Once applications are closed I won’t take anyone till the following year. Oh and if your a senior being on the team as bigger perks!

For The Guys

Let’s face it. Guys are usually there for their senior session either because their parents want them to have them done, or they really want to be there. You don’t have to be all dressed up for your senior session. I know that some parents want to see those photos with their sons all dressed up in a nice suit posed and perfect. Remember that this is your session, and you should also have that say as to how you want to look for them. If you aren’t into all the suites, but like to be just dressed down and yourself, that’s ok.

After your all booked for you session we will have the consultaion, we will talk about your outfit ideas and what you want to do. Think about if you want to have props with you, like if you play football, baseball or any other sports that you might want to bring with you that will fit. now don’t get me wrong, yes this is your session, but you do want to have a verity of pictures for your session, and you do want to have something that speaks you. Let’s face it, your parents are also the ones setting this session up for you as well. Be sure to have your taste in the session.

We will talk about clothing ideas and everything that falls in line with it. You will get a welcome packet that tells you all about your session and how to be ready. I will find the best location that fits your style so that we can bring out the best in you and your session. I also get information from you that tells me a little more about you, and some of the things that you like to do. We want to make sure that we are capturing you in the best way, not just for you but also for your parents. Guys to me are fun to shoot. I know that a lot of times, people say that guys are hard to photography.

I photographed my nephew for his senior pictures and I had a great time. I also photographed a you guy who had a great time in front of the camera. I will be honest, I don’t get to may guys, but when I do I love to have fun with them and get them out the comfort zone to be themselves.

Take the session below for instance. He came with the outfits that he had in mind. He brought a suit because he knew that he wanted at least one formal, and to be honest, that was the outfit that we had the most fun with and that he just let go and had the best time in. This is also the outfit that got him the most attention on all my social media accounts and got featured in magazines, blog post and featured on senior sites that showcase seniors from all around the world.

It brought me so much joy to have a guy featured so much and capture the eye of so many people and pages. When I shoot, this is something that I also strive for. I want to showcase the guys as much as the females are showcased. Just think about what it is that you want for your session, and think about the look that you are going for. Downtown with buildings, something a little less city like? There are some great shots that can be gathered from downtown, or even maybe you want something more in the studio.

We talk about all of this with you and your parents, so that we can have an understanding, and so that I can see or have an idea of the type of outfits that you may want to have so that I can start thinking of the perfect location for you. Don’t think of your senior session just another boring picture session with someone you don’t know and having to figure out how to make it work. Think about your senior session as just a another day to have fun and forget that you are even in front of the camera, unless you like to feel like a model and be the center of attention.

Start thinking ahead and lets chat and talk about if we may be the perfect fit for your senior session.

Throwback Thursday

When we did this session I picked this location because I love the field that is located here. I didn’t know that the fields had started to bloom. I had a view for one of the other areas that is over there, because she had an outfit that was for a skateboard we were using. She bought two other outfits to change into and they turned out to be perfect for the fields. We had started off in this mustard yellow top and a skirt.

When we first arrived is when we walked towards the back of this walking park. The fields were high with these flowers and it was beautiful. We came right around golden hour, and oh my, it was beautiful with the setting. I had my cousin with me to help out. She was there to help hold up the reflector and some other things.

One thing about Haliey is that she is willing to do anything, and to get the shots with her are so easy. I’m always worried about the grass and some of the things that we have to look out for, but I also worry about my clients, because I would hate for them to break out due to grass or maybe the flowers that are in the fields, but she is always willing to lay down or anything that I ask her to do. This session had turned out so good that this was an image that was featured in a Houston Magazine (voyage).

The way that the sun was setting came at the perfect time Setting on her, and she has these beautiful blue eyes. I just really love to have her in front of my camera for so many reasons. I’m going to give you a little background about Haiely. I first started photographing her with a friend of hers. She then became a member of my team, and after she joined we did another session of her. The first time she didn’t really know what to expect, but who does. Then she came to the next one and she came out ready to rock. I can say that she really wasn’t camera shy at all. I wasn’t worried about that. I could tell the confidence did pick up, and I love that when I get to photography clients. I just love to see the pick me up they gain.

So fast forward to this shoot. After we set in with the first outfit she changed into the second outfit that she had, which was a yellow body suit and then these black 70’s shorts.
We took the skateboard and sat in a few areas and then used the field to help settle some of the other photos. She then changed into a black bodysuit with this sheer dress. Very unique, but it was perfect!
This one below is one of my favorites.

We took advantage of the full sunset and location till the light was gone and I got what I wanted. The fact that this is truly her style just blew me away. The dress would of been something I would not have thought of. Sometimes my clients ideas and visions are more then perfect for the shot, and hers was. Thanks for reading up on the a Throwback Thursday blog post!

Studio Vs Location

Which best fits you?

When it comes to your senior session, you have a choice to have your session done inside a studio or outside. there is also an option to have them both if that’s what you would prefer. So the question is which best fits you. Now don’t get me wrong, because to be honest I love them both. there are also the pro’s and con’s to them both as well. Let’s talk about them and see what you may like at the end.

Let’s start off with location sessions. The thing I love about an on location session is that you have such a large range of verity. When the location is picked, its based off the outfits that you choose to have for your session. With that location so many other locations in that one can be found and used. I love the natural light from being outside.

I really love that golden hour in the summer time when the sun is just at the peek of setting. There is so much beauty doing natural light photography, and finding the spot for you.

The down fall for outdoor photography is trying to predict the weather. You may have the perfect day and the perfect location, and with all this crazy Houston weather it may deciede to rain at any giving time, no notice and then your session has to be rescheduled for another day. I just hate to have to have all the work done, as far as makeup and hair just to have the weather come and rain on the good times.

Then we think about studio sessions. I like studio because aside from rain or sunshine you are able to still shoot. You can do a lot in studio as well. You don’t have to be limited to the creativity just because you are inside. Your in the cool AC, you have an on location changing area instead of the changing tent(which works wonders).

You are limited to the different secenary that you may be able to get compared to being outside. Studio allows for me to be able to get some clean shots in a way that outside does not allow me to, but outside allows me to get such beautiful natural captures of you in a way that the studio does not allow.

When I’m looking for something with some lovely greenery in the summer or spring, like the fields of flowers, or maybe a downtown setting with some buildings in the background, or even some color like the color walls that are all painted, then I will choose a natural light session outside. You can even add in all the props if you play sports.

When I want something a little different like something really clean, or maybe a different kind of set up, modeling look, then I will choose to have my session inside of a studio. Inside studio I love to have props like a huge couch that you can lay or sit on and look natural. Not to mention the holiday setting for Christina’s trees and slumber party shoots. can always use backdrops inside that helps to give a different feel as well.

So you may ask me which do I prefer when it comes to taking pictures for a session, and to be honest I would choose them both for so many different reasons. I love to have so many different looks to add to a session and give the oppuritiny for different looks for you to choose from. Think about them and then think about what you would rather have. Would you rather inside, outside or both. The choice is yours. after all it is your senior session and it’s going to be the memories that you have for yourself and a life time to come.

When choosing both locations, you give yourself an opportunity for so many open options for your session. Just be sure to mention which best works for you when filling out the questionnaire form after booking your session.

Destination shoots

Have you heard the news yet? If you are joining the blog because you was reading the post from Instagram then you already know what I’m talking about. If you are just joining the blog then sit back and take a min to see what’s going on.

I have announced that I was opening back up my teen and Senior applications to be a PLP ambassador. What is a PLP ambassador? Omg, only the best thing that you can want to be a part of. You get to be a part of a team where you get special inside information, a number of special photo shoots Throughout the year, free birthday session added with a magazine, and so much more.

Now with that being said, I am adding on destination shoots, and I have a perfect location that it’s going to take place. A destination shoot takes place somewhere other then here in the Houston area.

the first shoot I have in mind is in Austin Texas at this beautiful location called the Sekrit Theater! This location will be a stylish shoot, dresses to fit the location, as well as an outfit change, that you bring. We will be spending a weekend out that way, that means leaving on a Friday and returning on a Sunday, giving us the full day Saturday to shoot, and some time to go out and eat, enjoy some scenery and plenty of selfies for memories! How cool does that sound.

Applications will be opening soon, once they close, it’s closed till the next time I open up applications. Not to mention it ,ay not be the same location for the destination shoot. Once I close the applications and as of now I haven’t mentioned when it will be closing, but it will be opening up pretty soon, so keep watching for that update.

I am more then excited to bring this feature along to add this year.

Another cool thing is after it’s closed and all applications are in a packet with so much information including details for the destination shoot will be sent out. Hint(it’s full of goodies).

If you have any questions before applications open, send me an email at Pinklillyphotographer@gmail.com

An Accomplishment

So, lets start off as to why I named this blog post “An Accomplishment”.


This blog post is one that I started back in May when my daughter actually graduated. I never finished it. Well let me rephrase that. I pretty much finished it, but never went the extra step to publish it, so I came back to rewrite about it. I’m sure your wondering why, right? Okay so let me tell you.

As photographers when we decide on what we are going to post, we want to make sure that it’s the right content. We want to make sure that what we post isn’t something that our clients or anyone that we are trying to reach is going to NOT want to see. Did you understand that part? If not let me try to make a little scense of it. We want to post the best of our work. We want to make everything in our feed perfect. When I took on a rep.team I honstely didn’t think about “what if one of the girls got pregent” The question of , do you keep them on your team? My daughter is my only daughter out of three boys, and she is the second to last child. I knew that it would be a great start at that time because she was in high school and of course she knew people.

So let’s just say that I believe that everyone should be treated the same.I will say that  if I had a Senior that was on my team who ended up pregnat that I would keep them on the team, I would not feel right to single them out and have them leave my team. I think that there is a lesson and a greater bond that is formed. I think about how they must already be feeling. I told my daughter that, that at that time she was going to find out who her true friends were at that time. She had a different path and responsibly then they did, but a true friend was going to be there no matter what. Well she truly does have those friends.
(Photo of her 8 1/2 months pregnant)


Senior year came and actually she got pregnate towards the end of her jounior year due in Nov of 2019. Went the whole summer which is cool, but what about when school started back? One thing I can say for sure is that she had the best counslor and principle, even though I feel like I got a phone call from them every single day at work because of one thing or another lol, but they were her backbone at school talking to her and guiding her, letting her know that they were routing for her. I can tell you that there are counslors out there that aren’t really talking to these students like they should, but I can tell you that hers were. I think I made two new best friends. Her counsler was shocked at how much my daughter actually talked to me, and I say that because when she first called me and talked to me about my daughter being pregnat I already knew about it. She was so relived when she asked me how I felt about it because she knew my daughter felt I was disappointed. I say that as to say as a mother we want our little girls to go through high school to enjoy and to hope not to get pregnat in the running, but to finish school first and to have the chance to live and enjoy life first. My response to her counsler was ” I can’t control what happens, we raise our kids what’s right and wrong, but they have a mind of their own.  what’s done is done, I’m hurt but I am always here for my daughter and she will have the support no mater what.” I promise she said that she was so relived to here that because you have some parents who will disown them or want nothing to do with them.


Fast forward, Senior year going to the Doc. missing some of school, ugh that wasn’t the best, not to mention me missing work as well.. How hard it was for her? Lets just say at four months the baby had already dropped head down, yes and he was in position like he was ready to come, her Doc. was nervous about early delivery. At four months we had to start going to the Doc. every single week, and that’s suppose to be in your 9th month. On top of that, for some reason her body wouldn’t hold water. They had her drink a gallon of water a day, and that still didn’t help. At one point we thought maybe her water was leaking but it wasn’t. Then there were a few times that at the Doc office they sent us to the ER to have her admitted to get fluids. That only lasted enough to go to her next visit the next week. Finally the Doc took her out of school and had her stay home, but not bed rest. Just didn’t want her doing all the walking at school so that he would’t deciede to come early. The school set it up so that she had a teacher come every week twice a week to the house to do studies with her. Again I had to be home when she came because they needed an adult there if something happened. Again more time I had to arrange from work.


Her teachers, counsoler, and principle called to check on her all the time. Come Nov. we went to the Doc. they did the ultrasound like they did every week, set her up on the monitor to monitor his heart and movement like they did every week, and when the Doc. came in the room all she said was “Today is the day” She wanted her to go at least another week but the water level was to low and she wanted to go ahead and deliver. We headed home to get her bag and got her something to eat and to the hospital we went. I was really hoping for him to come on the 12th for my dads birthday, which may I add could of happened, but after all the time she took to eat and just chill before they put the IV to start the contractions, it went a little over. Also this little boy wouldn’t come out because he had his hand positioned right on his cheek. Easy delivery, coming on the 13th. Close enough for me.

I tell this story for two reasons, one, yes 2020 has started off crazy, school started back and I know that it’s still crazy, it’s not the same.  As a senior I already know so many things will be effected until, and that’s a huge until things start to get back to normal, which it slowly is. Don’t get upset or discouraged. Your a senior and your almost done! That alone is huge! Two I am so very proud as a mother to have seen the hard work my daughter went through to make it till the very end, even after getting pregnant, not being able to go the first semester and then going back second semester with the baby, just to have to end the school year during spring break and online. Then for graduation only able to invite four people, when you have a family you would like to be there, and have to pick and choose.

I truly am proud of all the graduates of 2020. They had it rough and their year will always be remembered.2EAF3AF4-0A97-4241-9081-43ADB4FD9D5976674F1F-3F90-47A3-BFAE-E2BD7740E48E8E141CA6-8159-4FC3-BBC7-7C95D8820713

“My mommy did it, and she did it for us”

Gabby’s 15th Birthday shootout!

Let’s start off to say that when I first wanted Gabby on my Teen Ambassordeor them was about three years ago. I met her mom at Wal-Mart, and it was more of something customer service related. One day we both ended up at the fuel station. She had both her daughter and her son with her. gabby’s height is what cough my attention, aside from her beauty. I mad the comment of how tall she was, because mind you I’m tall myself. I asked how old she was, and at that time she was 13 going on 14. We got into the conversation about height and I just took it and asked her about shooting. Mom at first wasn’t into the idea about any modeling shoots, until I explained a little more about me and my business. We had talked and tried to make some plans to get her shoot done for her.

Let me tell you. It rained and rained, and of course that took the plans away for her first birthday shoot. The nest year I was able to get her to the shoot out that I usually have for all the new members on the team that join. Gabby was shy, being that she didn’t know anyone, but met some of my senior girls. We had planned and tried to get some more shots in. but time and all other activites just was not lining up with us. We planned again for her birthday in September, and guess what? Yeap! We got more rain. More plans gone.

Ok, now we come into 2020, a new year, creating and choseing a new team. Planning for the grand shoot out and lets just say, well…. we get this thing called Covid-19 that shuts down everything. The whole school year and all. So now here we are sitting at home, nothing more to do, shoots shut down not being able to be in contact with people. Then a little window opens. Here we are in September and we are allowed to shoot, but the photographers have to have on a mask. That’s fine with me. I will be hot and can barley talk.

Got with mom and we planned agin for a shoot, and this time with the way things were stating to look with all these tropical storms coming through, was going to look like another rainy month. I booked a studio because I really wanted to get this done for Gabby,as well as get her back in front of the camera. The morning started off ok, nice and cool, and then mom text me asking if we were going to still be able to do the shoot. I was not about to cancel this one. I told her to make sure the girls wrapped their hair or anything else if it was raining till we got to the studio. As we headed that way, the weather was starting to get pretty bad.

We made it though. And let me tell you that it was worth it. I mean come on things happen for a reason.

So I had Gabby invite two of her friends to be in the shoot with her. I knew that we didn’t have a lot of time to shoot like we could of. Being that she is on my team, I wanted her to have a good time and to have fun. Besides, this is her 15th birthday, and she deserves to have a great time with some friends. I also knew that this would help to calm nerves and to make her a little more comfortable in front of the camera instead of being just her shooting alone.

When everyone arrived, the girls started getting their makeup together and small touchups and then started to get dressed. Her two friends had a little more time to get ready, as Gabby started with her first outfit, which was this cute little black tule dress that she picked up at a small boutique while she was Calfornia for the summer. The perfect little outfit, with her hair worn down in all these curles. The first shoot was all about gabby. We did her shots and then added a little behind the scense with a lot of the shooting. I just placed my Ipad on record and just got shots here and there for them. I even had her friends join in one of the first shoots. I wanted them to be placing her crown on her head. It’s almost like she was reading my mind because I was for sure thinking to have a crown.

In the middle of the first shoot I had a second shooter come in and help take some different shots. I had Gabby change into her next outfit, which was matching with the girls in white tops and ripped jeans. I moved them over to the couch and we took some shots there. I had the girls just act themselves and do what they wanted so that I could just capture some natural laughs from them. After that I had them move to the open floor and got some black feathers and gave them all some and had them throw them in the air. I then got some more of Gabby alone by the couch sitting on the floor. As she was sitting there and I got the shots I wanted, Cory, my second shooter was making her laugh and I really got some great shots of her smiling which I know parents love to have. (and mom did ask if I got any of her smiling).

The idea with her reading the magazine was Cory’s. We tried it out and actually got some great captures. The girls then went to change into their last outfits, and while they were in the middle of changing mom came back with some pizza and wing stop for the win. The girls changed and got a bit to eat at the same time while doing any little touch ups. We finished Up on a pink backdrop with the girls in their black and white plaid. The idea for the outfits came from clueless. These girls were flawless. Once again I got them on the backdrop and let them just kind of do them. I didn’t direct a lot of poses because I wanted more natural from them. At one point the girls were kind of doing a balloon fight. I had them lay on their stomachs for a pose, I had them hug like they loved one another, and towards the end Cory had them lay on their backs. We had them pull their phones out and play with them and take selfies, that was posed enough for me so that I could get the natural laughs. We finished up pretty much a good 15 min so that we could clean up get their things together and eat a little. I had such a great time doing her birthday session. I really enjoyed capturing these moments, for these are memories to last a life time.
I added some unedited images so that you could see some of the behind the scene shoots!

Birthday Sessions

How many times have I talked about Birthday sessions?

If I have said it one time I’m going to go ahead and say it again. birthday sessions are a great way to show off and announce your Birthday with a BANG! Let me tell you what I love about these birthday sessions. These sessions are fun and exciting, rewarding, different and showcasing. I love the fact that you can have a whole session done for your special born day, just to get up and post all of them to announce it and let everyone awe in wishing you a happy Birthday.


I offer the Birthday sessions free when you are a member of my team, but I also offer the birthday sessions separate as well. I do request these to be booked and done at least three weeks in advance for editing because I offer an unlimited amount of outfits that you can change into in about a 4-5 hour time frame.


Now lets talk about this session that I did of a former senior of mine who just graduated this past spring. Raven is one who will come and get her pictures done, and I am always excited to do her session because she never disapoints when she plans or come for her session. Usually we would have planned this out by the first of the month and would have had the shoot done about three weeks earlier, but this time it was planned a little later, but we still got it done and I have to say it was still perfect.


So Raven had started off by sending me the ideas that she had for the shoot, and I have to say that the things that she picked out were awesome. She wanted to have something that was a little different then what she would usually do. For The first outfit she wore these stone washed ripped jeans that were all ripped at the bottom, and then she added this Selena looking top that she found that had some beautiful silver sequence to it with the beads hanging down in the front as well. we took the shoots inside and outside as the rain gave us a chance to go out. As it turned out the weather for the whole weekend was suppose to be rain. That was not going to stop us even if we had to do all the shoots and outfits indoors. She bought a cake and we used that in the shoot. When we headed outside I wanted to use the balloons in the shoot in another way then just her holding them, so I had her friend hold the balloons while Raven posed with the cake and I shot between the balloons as the wind blew them.


We Were just really lucky to get some Outside shoot time with no rain.

The second outfit, she had these dark jeans with a silver chain hanging and this lime color top that was almost like a bra and then over it she wore this fishnet body suite.We took a few of these inside and then headed outside for some more shots since we still had some sun shining. now as we started to shoot it started to sprinkle just a little, and I asking for it to hold off. it held off enough for us to get some of the outside shots in.


We wanted to makes sure that we got a few outside, but was also scared of the rain just coming down on us.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly I had her change into her last outfit. Raven and her friend made this skirt and added a black body suite. now at first it was a plan to only make the skirt blue which is her favorite color, but because stores are out of so much stuff, she ended up adding some black into it, and I’m so glad that she did. We both think that it looked better with the two colors added together. When she came out from changing I told her she needed a necklace, and she was like” oh yeah I have one!” Come to find out she forgot it, so I pulled out the jewelry from my styles closet and gave her a black Chocker that worked perfectly.



Now as we started inside with this shoot I kept looking outside to make sure that we still had some sun to shoot this outside which is what we both wanted the most. Well just as we started to finish off I looked outside and all of a sudden it was pouring down outside. In the meantime we tried to wait it out, but it wasn’t working so we headed outside and tried to get some shots just on the porch. Then we went downstairs to try and get something. By that time, it started to clear up and as I was asking her if she wanted to go in the street with the skirt because I knew that it was going to gt wet with how long it was, she had said yes, and all of a sudden it just started to rain all over again. We were both just like wow!


With the overall shoot even with all the rain we were very happy with how thee whole shoot came out for her. I don’t usually post any sneak peeks for my Birthday shoots, but I did. I was telling Raven how good her shoot came out and I really wanted to show something off, so we both decided to go ahead and have one posted. Well if you follow my Instagram then you will know that it was actually two photos posted as a sneak peek.



Happy 18th Birthday to you Raven and enjoy your day to the fullest!!!

Throwback Thursday Friendship session

What day is it? Today is Thursday and although I usually have a throwback up, I missed a few, but up today with a throwback friendship session.

Did you know that you can also get a session with a best friend, a close friend, or even a siblings session done when you book with me? I love the friendship sessions, they mean so much. Yes I’m sure you have plenty of selfies and other pics of you and your best friend, but have you ever had a professional session with your best friend, or even just a good friend? They are so much different then just your original selfies. They are fun, meaningful, and a session you will cherish for a lifetime. I will be honest and say I really wish I had a session like this done with my Best friend.



it can be a pool session, or just a regular session. This one right here was one that my daughter and her friend wanted together and we had such a great time and plenty of laughs all in between this session.

the girls had decided to wear some colors that are similar to one another, the mustard yellow was perfect for the weather outside and the beautiful summer day that it was.


In the session below, I did another friendship session with two young ladies and it Was early in the morning when we went and did this session, and I loved everything about it. These two young ladies had been friends for a long time, as a matter of fact since they were little. Maria came in this beautiful red top that matched so perfect with her dark long black hair and Fiorella came with this black top and some olive green pants. Now the thing about this location and the time of the session, was that it was still a little cool in the mornings, we are looking about going early in the spring, just before the days started to get perfect. I actually shot this right before I had to go to work. We had the location to ourselves, as nothing was open at the time, and I got to use to location to my liking. I wanted something that was going to speak on the friendship.



I had them sit at the table and both have their phones out as if they were talking to one another and looking at something on their phone. I loved how they actually played that out. It’s really funny how they can actually start laughing themselves just by looking at one another and pretending. I love natural laughs, and they make for sure the best image.

Once I got the ones that I wanted of them together sitting at the table and walking, I then got some of them alone so that I could get a few different images as well as letting them showcase some of their own personality in their own photos.

I think that friendships are one in a million, and to me I would love to have a session with a true friend that I could keep and charish. Anyone can take a thousand seflies together but there is something diffrenet about a professional shoot with a bestfriend or even with your sister or brother that is like your best friend.


I did a session of these two young lady’s that are sisters but they are so close together. I have always loved the bond that these two share as sisters, as siblings, because most siblings don’t have the friendship and closeness with one another the way that it should be. I’m a big believer in family and the bond that they should have.


If you have ever thought about having a session with a close friend or your sibling who may be that best friend, then think about it no more and just have it done. You really won’t retreat them them done!


Kat’s Senior Session


Man so many sessions were put on hold, but I am working them out. This is a session I did of Kat. who I had booked with in Nov. of last year. Just like some of he other sessions, we had planned for the spring when it was going to be nice and cool(maybe) and at the same time some sun to help bring some beautiful natural light.


Well of course like we all know that didn’t work out like planned either. Finally we were able to get a date together to meet up and shoot. I was excited to meet kat and her mother. We had one date picked and ready, but then we got rain all week, so ended up looking for another date, and that one worked. we picked a time that wouldn’t be to hot after all the rain. That didn’t work out that way either because as the day started it was nice and cool, but as the time got closer to shoot, oh my gosh! Yes the sun started to come out and that heat started the beam on in.



As we got started kat started off with her jeans and a white tee, and she added a striped button down shirt to go over it. I wanted to start off with the stairs which would be an easy pose to just warm up in front of the camera. I mean in this location there is so many places to take some great shots at.


We then moved on around the corner, and trying to stay cool at the same time, as the sun was really beaming on us. I had her change into her college tee with her jeans. The tee really went well with all the colors that we were photographing by, and really made Kat stand out even more in her photos. I just loved her hair cut, it really did fit her. As we got more into the shoot I got to learn a little more about this young lady. We had really good conversation. I was shocked at all the ropes that she had for her cap and gown. It’s always so nice to see all the things that a student has accomplished while in school.

We ended up on this porch of a business not thinking they were open with all the blinds closed and everything just some of everywhere. One of the gates was even locked, so we didn’t think much of it. Kat even tried to play with the cat that was laying in one of the chairs. It wasn’t until we were about to leave when someone walked up and asked us if they were open. I looked around and just kind of shook my shoulders, and then out of no where we saw a sign that said open. I just told him he could try and see, but they looked closed.




It was more then a pleasure to shoot with you here at Pink Lilly Photography.

Senior pictures are an important part of your senior year. You have waited all this time to graduate and to see what life has to offer you, and see where it takes you. Don’t miss out on taking your senior pictures and not having that part of the memory. They don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be with the school. Go out and get your last year of memories taken and on print!



Congratulations to all of the class of 2020 who didn’t get to have all the other fun memories for their senior year, but still made it through. You are still a winner no matter what it took, walking across the stage with a mask, or even sitting at home watching it and just only seeing a picture of you on the screen, either way you made it, and it’s only just the beginning!



Ellery Senior Session

Let’s talk about this session. Mom found me and contacted me and told me that she would be flying in from Georgia on the 13th Of June and wanted to know if I would be available. Being that she wouldn’t have a car to get around we would need to find something that was close enough but still something nice and actually urban. Once I got the location they were staying at I started to look around and sent her a location, but she already had an appointment. I looked for something else and started to think color! That’s when I thought about graffiti! Perfect, nothing better. Sent her two other locations, and she chose the graffiti.


Our time was set for 1pm and I arrived there about 45min early. ( I have this thing about being late so I will arrive more then plenty of time ahead to be more then prepared) The sun was just about at its high, but the location was beautiful, and I saw so many beautiful areas. I tested my camera and watched as people came and went, well because it’s pretty much a tourist area. When the car pulled up I saw the window roll down and I heard my name! Big smiles! Yes I was meeting my clients for the first time in person! I was blown away at how gorgeous Ellery was, and I was even more taken back by her height! Just fantastic!

I started off with a hug and a hand shake. I was excited and Ellery was full of smiles.
Now let’s back up a little. So the night before, as any other time I was making sure that everything was together, charged batteries, cleaned and ready to go. Started to fold down my portable changing tent, and…well, let’s just say it didn’t work out. Great, just a day before the shoot And I needed that. Fast forward back to the shoot. I tell mom what happened and Ellery pulls out her phone and found a gas station right around the corner from us. She came in this white dress that was so cute with all these little layers and her shoes to perfectly matched.  We started right off! I couldn’t help telling her how beautiful she was more then a couple of  times. Once we finished her first outfit we walked over to the fuel station and asked if we could use the restroom for her to change and he was more then generous enough to let us use. Mom bought us some water while we waited,


and then she came out in the next outfit, and I’m just going to add that the color looked so great on her. This orange Reddish spaghetti strap dress and the shoes, OMG the shoes!

As we headed to the next location everyone kept telling her congratulations and how they loved her shoes! It was such great vibes, and joy all through this shoot! I didn’t even realize how many people were actually watching her!

9A882BE1-3286-4EA7-9B38-0D26468566C5We moved around to other parts of the wall that had some great color, and then we walked across the street to this building where the walls were all black, and that made her dress stand out so much more. I just couldn’t get over how perfect and easy she was to photograph. You could definitely tell she was not camera shy.

Right after we finished up by the wall, we went over to this blue wall and this business that had a blue door. Her outfit blended in just perfect for it.


Her last outfit was her college tee and some jeans, and had the chance to be a little more comfortable . We walked across the street where there was little business that had a nice little porch and upstairs is where the owner lived. When we first crossed it was this wall that caught my attention with all the vines attached to the wall and I had to get a shot there, and then we moved on over to the porch. As we were there I saw the owner drive up, but the business was close. I still asked if it was okay for us to go and shoot there and he said that it was fine. I just didn’t want to go up and start taking pictures and be disrespectful.


I loved the setting on the porch with the chairs and all the wood. We got some of our last pictures there before we actually called it a wrap! I was very excited to get this session home and edited for them.

They had a ticket to leave at 9 am the following morning and I shot them an email letting them know that I really enjoyed Ellery’s session and mentioned when I would have their gallery available to view.


Karyn, thank you so much for the opportunity to shoot Ellery’s Senior session. The sky really is limit!

Lera.H. Senior Session

On the blog post today I have Lera who’s mom found me through a special that I was running on Groupon. She had paid for her session way back in Nov.2019 and had set a date out in the spring. Well as we all know Spring  didn’t start off the way we all planned it to. We got hit with the Covid-19 so that stopped a lot of businesses and with photographers, of course we couldn’t shoot.

We had to wait till the phase for photographers opened, and then in some states photographers still couldn’t shoot. It felt good to pick up the camera and photography someone else other then my grandson and myself lol. We set a date only to have bad weather. Yeah, finally time to shoot and the weather is bad, so as the skies cleared we set another date up.

Location was picked and as I drove up that day I noticed that the streets were packed, packed because they were having a senior parade starting at the same time our shoot was scheduled. I made a phone call right then and told them that it may be a little traffic coming that way because their was a Parade for the seniors, and I always check to make sure there isn’t t anything big going on Before picking a spot only because I know it would be a hassle to work around huge events.

The good thing is that the location  we were at didn’t effect us, and by the time it started we didn’t even notice that much. So it worked out great for us. My portable changing tent came in handy of course so that she could easily change her clothes. One thing I love about being able to have it, is that we don’t have to worry about looking for a bathroom to change into. Now out of the whole time I had it, this was the first time that I actually had a time trying to fold it. Lol her dad even tried. Welp we got it,(somewhat) and just tucked it in the bag. Once I got home, Yeap you guessed it! It folded with no problem.


Lera brought her prom dress, and I loved the color on her! It was beautiful, and so we walked over to a bridge and took a few images as well.

I had a great time with this young lady, so full of energy and fun to be around! Lera wasn’t the least bit of shy, she came out ready to go!! she had the sweetest parents, and you could feel the love from all around. Lera thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take your senior pics. Can’t wait to team up with you for other projects!

Dynique Senior Session

Gosh it’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of what was suppose to be a full senior year!
To have taken your senior pictures was a great pleasure as this young lady is like a daughter to me. To see her walk across the stage as well as my own daughter will be such an honor as well! Cheering them on, yes! It’s been a crazy year but they made it!! They made it with all the obstacles in front of them, ending their senior year way to soon, and missing out on all of their senior activities. I know this walk will mean so much to them! 2020 has been a true challenge and this just goes to show that even with everything going on in the world right now, they are strong!

we had another date planned but she wanted to make sure she got her session in so we went ahead and did a different date but schedules are always hard to work around and still have time to make sure that it’s time to get everything in. We wanted to work with what we could. So of course we headed out and got started. This outfit though! I bought my portable changing room with me and luckily  it gave me no problems folding down so we could move on. Believe me they get a little tricky trying to fold.

There were so many people passing by saying congratulations which was just beautiful! I’m sure it’s a great feeling to hear coming from people! It’s a huge accomplishment made! And seeing your name on that list, that program!

67B384A8-1577-4313-A271-372CE29BBB68I loved everything about her outfits, and her shoes were the cutest.

For these Seniors I will miss them a lot! That doesn’t mean I’m done photographing them by any means, but for my senior group yes I will miss them a ton. To a new chapter in they lives, I congratulate you to the fullest and wish you the very best in everything that you do! Let’s walk across that stage and kiss 2020 good bye!! The full year may not be over, but your 2020 class is!! Tip your hats and be proud!!





Class of 2020! Dynique .J. You did it! Congratulations.

Alexis C. Senior Session

It felt so good to actually get back out and start shooting again after all the lock down went into place. Alexis contacted me senior pictures, and I was more then happy to work with her. We had a date set for a Sunday at 2 p.m, but something else came up so we rescheduled the shoot for a Tuesday at 5:45p.m which was perfect. We met up at the perfect time on location and she came ready in her Senior shirt and light jeans. she had these beautiful curls in her hair and makeup done so nice light and natural.

We started of by this little water fall and got some basic shots to start off with, something to warm up into and just get in the mood of getting started. we added the cap to the Senior shirt outfit, but only for her to hold as we didn’t want to mess up her hair before we had the chance to get the shots with her cap and gown.

The wind was blowing just a little but not to much to mess up anything. it was just enough to add a little breeze to some of the heat from the sun that was starting to set.


Second we went with her prom dress! We moved over to the bridge so that we could get some shots up under the bridge, but it was also a lot cooler there as well.

The dress was pretty heavy. She came out the restroom and as I saw her walking towards me I was at a loss of words for how stunning she looked in this red dress with the little stones covering the top half of the dress, and to top it off she had the red shaw to throw over her shoulders as well.

I also have to add that she got so many compliments on how beautiful she looked in her dress! It was well deserved! I knew that the dress had to be hot with some of the sun still out, so I made sure to have her pose and get those out the way with.

Third she changed into this black jumpsuit and added a jean jacket to top it off. cute yes!

By this time the sun was starting to set in so I asked her was there any shots that she wanted before we got the cap and gown and started on the last of the set. She wanted a pic by the waterfall. we made our way over and got some shots that worked and right then


I remembered that I wanted some shots by these beautiful purple flowers. perfect i have to say. and then we were done with that set. now we moved on to the cap and gown, which all she did was just remove the jean jacket and put on the cap and gown with the black jumpsuit.

We took this to the top of the bridge and then used some of the sidewalk for what I wanted.

This cap and gown really looked good on Alexis and it just came to remind us of what these seniors had to deal with for their last year of High School that they looked forward to so much these last past four years. to all the Seniors, big congratulations to you, and wishing you all the best!

Thank you Alexis for allowing me to be apart of your senior year and take your senior pictures.

If you are still looking for Senior pictures due to all the last min changes from the schools and dates for graduation, I still have a few spots that can be filled up, but they are filling fast. please feel free to contact me by email or phone. Can’t wait to work with you.


Senior Sunday

Today is Sunday, and for photographers we usually have a Senior Sunday!



So welcome to Senior Sunday! I have on the blog post for Senior Sunday De’Andrea, who also happens to be my daughter! Yes my only daughter who’s a Senior! Whew where did the time fly to?


There are really so many reasons why I picked my daughter today for Senior Sunday! I just have to really say that I am very much proud of her with all the troubles and opticals she had to face her last year of high school.


I won’t go into all the details just yet. I want to save that for Graduation! And yes there will be a blog post for her Graduation for many reasons, as for all my seniors this year as well!


the bad thing about it is that I started off this blog post before all of this lock down happened. Now we have all these seniors who are worried about their last year with so many important mile stones that they may not even be able to do. Not just graduation and walking across the stage, but also prom and senior skip day and so much more. What about signing those yearbooks from friends?


I had said that I wanted to do something special for the seniors on my team and I want to make sure they feel special and appreciated all at the same time. I know for sure I want to have a huge shootout for them, as well as some form of party and just fun for them. I’m hoping that we get a chance to do pics in their prom dresses!


May was the biggest month for my daughter aside from graduation. Her birthday month is included with other things. I’m going to find a way to make it all happen as well. To all my seniors out there, just hang on, it will get better. I have had some people say that they have it easy because they are out early during spring break, but it’s really not. We look forward to this after all these years of hard work and dedication. Not just for the seniors but for parents and family as well.

plan on making a big deal for my seniors this year! Appreciate and love on your 2020 seniors this year! They deserve it!







Throw Back Thursday

Throw back time!


So who are we blogging about today? I have a young lady that I photographed that was a friend of a friend who reached out to me. We call her Red!

this shoot was a quick little basic shoot in a neighborhood I love to go to. She wore this reddish top and some jean shorts, but she came with this white cap on that I actually added to a few of the shots.


one of the shots she had this pink little  flower that she had picked out the field that we were near and I just told her to hold on to it. To be such a tiny girl she had this little spook to her, but although I know she was nervous she was very chipper.
The day was a perfect day, a little windy, but a great day to be out to shoot. It was close to sunset so that setting just made it even more beautiful to get some shots in.

She came with a friend who was her biggest cheerleader and helping her to relax. Of course at the end of the shoot we got a photo of them together! I mean why not right?



Throwback Thursday

Hey hey everyone! Welcome to the blog post.

I have a session here with a young lady who contacted me because she saw some other sessions from friends. Word of mouth and visual content means a lot. Word of mouth also explains the experience that clients May have had as well.


This session we did was more of just a get together trail type shoot. It was a really laid back shoot just very dress down.


Alexis, her first time in front of the camera with me, I know she was nervous as can be. I mean think about it, your getting in front of someone else’s camera even though you were told that “she’s cool and makes you feel so comfortable” yeah ok but “I don’t know her myself. I get it, trust me.

Even though I try to get that meet up before we even shoot to meet and chat to see what you expect and want from your shoot, I know that it don’t always go that was as well, so sometimes the first meet up is at the shoot. In that case I give a little extra time to talk and chat and get to know you as a person before saying “oh stand over there and I want you to look like this, or do this and that”



I want to see that you have relaxed a little. That’s when all the magic starts to happen. This session was actually Alexis deacons shoot with me. The location that we went to had this little area that has Hammocks so that you can relax right next to the pond they have. It’s beautiful, so of course we had to lay in one.636E4C6E-4980-40EA-B27F-6D4C97F8B242
what I love about this location is the grey brick walls. Just something about them that really strives me. Then there is this under path that is close to the area we went to. Just kind of took in some areas that were close by. We didn’t want to be out in the heat to long because she is sensitive to the heat.

Time of day matters depending on your clients. I tell clients to take Into knowing what works best for them when they decide on a day and then the time of day. So many people like sunset, and to get sunset you really have to make sure time is right. What I mean by that is that you have to be more then on time. You need to be there at least 15min  before your actual scheduled time, and that’s really for all sessions.

In this location there is a park attached and they have these wood climbing area that I absolutely love as well and I knew I had to get some pics of her next to them. We had a great time with this session!

when you are ready to book your session session casual, cap and gown let me know, we can meet up and talk about your session and see what it is you want to do.



Behind the scenes


So a lot of times you may see me or your photographer taking video here or there or having your friend or parent helping with some boomerangs or clips to get some behind the scenes.


personally it’s a great way to add some fun to your shoot. I usually have a helper with me who can get clips that I want, or sometimes I might stop here and there in-between a shoot and get some clips that I want depending on what it is.



When I do some of the clips at home I may record the whole shoot and then go through and edit what I want to add in a quick clip. It’s always so fun and funny to go back and see. I will catch clients fixing their hair, posting, taking selfies and more, and it’s all memories to have and make cute funny clips or behind the scenes.

In some of these clips it may be their own selfies they took while we were shooting and they just sent them to me so that I could also have them as well. I would usually put everything that everyone has and sent me and put them all together. To see what each person may have captured on their own is also fun to watch. Besides they are so much comfortable taking their own selfies with friends.

Ok as I was listening to the video below, I don’t know who was barking like that lol but this behind the scenes was done during our first shoot out at coyote crossing house which is no longer there. It was such a beautiful cottage that was there for ages and sat on a beautiful large piece of land!

I even have a video of my daughter actually giving away my secret to my bubble! Lol.

Behind the scenes have become one of my favorites to see and receive. Hope you enjoy some of the behind the scenes I have captured myself or from ever everyone else.

The one below was don by my son who was at a shoot with us being that he is on my team for the teens.

Amalia Session


One thing I love about being able to photography Seniors is that each and everyone is so unique in their own ways. You get to have so many different choices on their session based off them.

Most of the time clients will be so nervous when they first get with you because they don’t know what to really expect out of the session. Even though I talk to my clients before sessions, but most of the time they may be nervous with their parents their or standing close by. I have noticed a lot of my clients relax more when the parents aren’t so close to watch them while they are shooting.


This session was actually her first session with me and she came with her boyfriend who stayed in the car but was a distance to be able to see us. We walked around this park, which is one of my favorites to go to.

This yellow top was so cute and it was perfect for the gorgeous weather that we had. A really nice wind speed and of course right around golden hour. This session was really more of a mini session so there was only one outfit change.
This little bridge sits off a nice little lake and I love it for so many reasons.

So we met because she knew someone else I had photographed a few times. We had talked and talked about a sessions and finally got a date together that worked for the both of us.

when we first met up at location it was like I already knew her, we greeted with a huge hug and smiles. I love making everyone feel like family. Making everyone comfortable in front of the camera is key and goal. Trust me it shows in the results believe it or not.



I Really wanted to stay out there and take so many more pics of this young lady but we were  on a time limit, I mean not to mention that this area has so many other locations that you can do with it, but with a mini your limited and have to pick the locations that will work with the outfit and time frame.
Upon booking your session we will talk about location and outfits to fit your session. We want to make sure to get the most out of your session. Multiple outfits makes your session even more exciting and fun.

Dynique .J

Hello Hello Hello!!!

welcome back for another Throwback Thursday!! Yeap we have another blog post to throw back on, and this time we are taking it back to Dynique’s Birthday shoots!!

One thing I absolutely love to do is look back on the shoots that I have taken of my clients and see the growth, not just the change that they have made but also the growth from myself as well! I have actually done two birthday shoots with Dynique so far. The best advantage of that for her is that because she’s on my team she actually gets a free Birthday shoot!



why pass that up? She actually shared her shoot with her sister in one of them! How exciting! They are like best friends. So her first shoot we took in a neighborhood and fought some of the wind. She did two outfits and her balloons. We also did a studio shoot on her second Birthday session, and we were intend to get some outside shots as well but it rained. I don’t mean like a little rain either! It poured!

So we were forced to do both outfits indoors. I also try to encourage the girls or even the guys to get their Birthday session done. These are something to look back on, and besides you get to show them off to your friends. Not just any pics but some nice professional Birthday pictures! It reminds me of a watch me grow. You know, when parents get sessions of their kids from birth to a year?

I actually love to do the Birthday sessions. I am open to what the girls or guys have in mind for their session. After all it is your Birthday session, so you should have it your way. Outfits are decided the same way a regular session is. They send me pics and ideas so that I have an Idea where we can go for their session to best fit. We do theses sessions at least a good 3-4 weeks before their actual Birthday to have plenty of time for editing and have  them ready for posting.

Who wouldn’t want to post a session on their birthday? If you have a Birthday coming up soon, now is the time to start thinking about planning a shoot.