Alexis Mini documentary




Today I am doing something a little different for my blog post. My blog is a small documentary of a senior, who has recently graduated. When  I started photographing Alexis, she really touched me after I received back her questionnaire for senior photos. This  made me want to really learn a little more about her.


This blog post was based on a questionnaire I sent Alexis to fill out and I narrated it with her speaking.. I wanted to share this blog post for a couple of different reasons. Many times young ladies and men in school are bullied and parents are not aware, as well as going through society thinking we have to look or dress a certain way to be accepted, or loved. That’s not true. It’s all about who you are and loving that person in and out. As Photographer’s we know that confidence shows through your pictures.

Take a moment and listen to her story and even leave a comment afterwards!


Hello! My name is Alexis.S.

I have been a dancer for five years but I have expanded my dance to hula hoop dancing which lead to fire spinning and now I have been doing that for 4 to 5 years.

I’m 18 years old. I came across Shunta with Pink Lilly Photography through a childhood friend of mine who’s name is also Alexis, who had been shooting with her and suggested that I contact her for a shoot.

When I first met with Shunta I was extremely excited and nervous, I was hoping that I could pose how she envisioned me and that I’ll meet her expectations for a good model. she made me feel comfortable with myself and the pictures we were taking, and by the end of the shoot I was excited to try new poses and ideas.

I have felt low about myself, my looks, my voice and my talents and abilities since I was younger due to bullying and negative comments my biological father used to say to and about me. Although my self-esteem is not the best I still manage to live my day, day by day and the feed off the small amount of positive words whether it be someone giving me a small compliment on my success, or looks. I’m living my best days on that, which allows me to build my self-esteem and find new things to love about myself.



I could give a list on what I’d like to change about myself but I wouldn’t do any of them because I feel like I am a better person because of what I have experienced. The hardest thing I have been through would be coming to terms with and overcoming my many disorders.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar anxiety and manic depression as well as anorexia I ended up in the hospital because I tried to commit suicide, this was hard for both my family and myself because no one knew how to overcome these disorders but knew we had to get through it. I was easily saddened and the simplest things would put me into depression, I had a hard time eating weather because I was trying to fix myself “for a date” or fix my looks. even eating made me feel repulsive. I would have horrible panic attacks in which sitting still was impossible and breathing felt Impossible, they became so bad that I would black out due to hyperventilation.

When I woke up in the hospital and saw how sad my family was, the way that they were crying and confused as to why, it made me change things, gave me motivation because my little brother found it hard to go about his daily due to fear of losing me. I will admit it’s not easy and I still struggle, but focusing on the more beautiful things in life like being able to see how beautiful the sun is rising in the morning and being able to put a smile on somebody else’s face. Seeing the progress I have made has help me to look past it all.

having the opportunity to be photographed and used as a model has made me tend to focus on the outcome of the photos and after the first couple of shoots I have found to see more beauty in myself and have come to be more confident about my looks.

It has been an honor to model and get photos taken by Shunta, I never expected my photos to be featured on another Instagram page let alone a magazine,(smiling) but she has made that possible.

She goes into a shoot with an idea and makes you come alive, I truly feel beautiful in her photos, and I’ve had a hard time finding a photographer that can do that for me. I think I should add that despite my doubt about myself Shunta always finds a way to make you feel beautiful weather through small comments she makes throughout the shoot or the photos she delivers at the end. I’d like to thank Shunta for being such an amazing photographer and helping me build my confidence back up.


Alexis .S.

Being who you are and loving who you are are so important in life. I love my motto “JUST BE YOU” and there are a lot of photographers who also due the beautiful campaign for anti bullying.


From the time that I actually met Alexis till now, we still have a connection. I have since then photographed her and I also have a project that I’m working on with her as well as some of the other seniors that have graduated high school already. I have a project with them telling their stories, and to be honest I really can’t wait to share it!!

Alexis is a very brave and strong young lady who was willing to share all of this with everyone before graduating. To be a part of making her see the true beauty she is will always be something far more special!

Alexis story was also shared and published inside of Inspiring Teens Magazine who’s was an honor and also really made her and her mom so proud!



The Guys sessions!!!

Ok, so most guys don’t like getting pictures taken, well let me put that differently lol!!


most guys don’t like to get their pictures taken professionally when a parent wants them to get pictures done, let alone senior pictures. If they were taking a picture with a friend or a selfie to post on snap chat or instagram for friends and followers they are all open.


Why do you think this is? Guys are not like females who absolutely love to be in front of the camera, but some are. Guys tend to feel awkward in front of the camera with someone they don’t know. First they are expected to dress up all nice in something they probably don’t want to be in, and then they are expected to go and just get in front of a camera with someone directing them to pose and smile. Uuumm ok!! Guys you have to come across a little different. We have time to get to know the females a little better then we do with the guys,  one of those reasons is because the females come in for full hair and makeup. There isn’t much that need to be done with guys.


A nice hair do and dressed and ready to go. So with the guys when we meet with them and their parents for their consultation, that’s our time to really get to know him and see what he likes. From there we need to take that information we  learned and build his session around that. If he plays football have him bring a football or letterman jacket. Even his uniform and work around that. Make him feel more comfortable. If you have to start his session with something that fits him more then do that if it helps to loosen him up.

Now that you may have him talking and a little more comfortable in front of the camera and with you, now you can move on to other outfits that he may have brought, casual, dressy. Also don’t forget to talk to him all during the session as well. Showing him behind the camera just like we do the females. Tease him about looking like a model, (which I’m sure he does) asked him about favorite T.V shows or characters he like and why. Ask questions that might get a natural smile or laugh.

Guys are easier and harder all at the same time. Make it fun!! Parents will love you for getting some natural awesome pictures of their son.




I’m sure that you have been seeing all the pictures of Raven on my instagram page! If not then your in the right spot to see them all. We went out and did a little mini session. The reason behind this mini session was because I am in the middle of creating my style closet and I wanted to test out an outfit that I had added with some small jewelry.

One of the things that I have been wanting to do is to create and build my style closet, for anyone coming to take pictures can have a big verity to choose from, as well as mix and match with something that they might already have and own. So when i saw these cute yellowish striped shorts I knew that I had to get them with the white tank. The jean jacket I had already had in a light color which you see on her and a dark color which I didn’t want to pair with this outfit. Then the jewelry i found on clarence and had to get it. The bracelets were so cute, topped off with the earrings and the shades.

I had her come in an outfit that I helped her pick out because I wanted something with  colors, and that tank top that she had was more then perfect. when we finished with the first outfit we made a move to go ahead and head over to the park before we missed that great sunset light. This time for the shoot I bought along the black hat to add to the frame of he session. The wind decided that it wanted to blow at that time so we put it back in the car and headed on out around the park. We gathered any and every little area that we could. We went from the trail to the bridge to a very very very small patch of flowers that the bees were trying to get the last of the pollen from them, which in that case we moved around until we found another small patch to capture the pic I wanted to go for. My only complaint was that the flowers had been cut down so they didn’t come to the height that I really wanted them to, but that’ts ok. I still got the shot that I was going for.


Oh did I happen to mention that I love the two little buns!!!! Raven had her hair down with her natural curls showing, and I wanted a little different look with the second outfit so I helped her make the little buns and she didn’t even get to see what they looked like until after I had taken some pictures and then showed her. LOL she actually liked them a lot.

If you are at any time not sure or feel like you don’t really have something that you can wear to a shoot, I am building my style,closet, but all you have to do is reach out to me and I bet you that we can pull something together even if it’s out of your closet. Just a little mix and match here and there, and some things that you may have never thought to put together will come out better then you think.


Take a loot in some of the fashion magazines and just look at some of the outfits that they have on, and then think about how the fashion world thinks about it! It’s always something so unique and out of the normal.


Arjhanae Session



Today I’m doing a throw back for a session I did with one of my team Reps. Arjhanae.

This session was really a joy to do. I had decided on a location that would go so great with the outfit that she picked out, and the red braids that she had in her hair really stood out to fit her perfectly. The weather was great! We decided to do the session close to sunset as most of my clients love because of that last glow of  sun and the way it looks! I always get there more then enough time before sunset because let’s be honest, the sun waits for no one and it always seems as though it sets faster then anything when your trying to get the shot!

We started off near the water and the dock that was there with these wooden log benches.

Her outfit was this cute little jumper that opened up in the front. She wore these brown open bills that laced up and these huge hoops that stood out perfectly.


We then moved on over to the bridge which if faced the right way has such a beautiful view! This bridge had a bird watch telescope on it so I had her go stand near it. Just with the sun setting and the light hitting just right on her we were able to get this cute shot of her with the birdwatch.


Just look at the glow off of her!

This location can be used in so many ways if used the right way. These grey poles are beautiful just by the way they stand. Because they aren’t just standing straight up but in different directions, it makes them unique.

I placed her in between the two poles and had her look away from me and then I had her stand just in between the two and give the pole a little hug.

7DB36B7A-44F9-4C69-ADAD-49DA7FA8AFA8Since I had the sun in the perfect location and we were at the top of the bridge I had her turn her back just away from the sun and lean on the rail. I wanted that glow! Well the glow I definitely got!


I was in love with this session and to be honest I still am! The colors were perfect! That’s one of the great benefits of the summer days. Sessions are great during any time of season depending on where you stay. I love outdoor natural light photography just as much as I love studio, but outside locations can give you so much more for what your going for.

Think about when you want your session done. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring! When thinking about the season also think about location and what it looks like. In the winter may not give you the beautiful colors like Spring, Fall, or Summer, but maybe your looking for studio at that time with a sweater jeans and boots! Making those decisions play a great role in deciding on when you want to get your session done. Also think about if that’s a busy time for your photographer.

Friendship and Sibling sessions!


I get asked a lot about being able to have a friend or a sibling being able to shoot with them during a Senior session, and that answer is yes. One of the things I like to make sure is that you are more the comfortable in front of the camera. Besides most of the time if you have someone there that you like having around, you will get the best of the silly laughing poses which parents love.


Parents love to see images with their kids and Seniors smiling in photos, where as you have most teenagers who would rather have the straight face when taking photos. I tr to do my best to get both. I will say or do anything to get a laugh or smile. I’m a silly person and a kid at heart. I will tell you that I do not like a photo with a fake smile that look like you were forced to smile. Trust me when I say that it really does show in the photo believe it or not. Haven’t you ever looked back at an old photo from school or grade school and asked yourself “Why am I smiling like that” I know we all have at lest one picture that we can relate to. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. If I am going to capture a picture with you smiling then I’m going to make sure that it’s a true genuine smile.

Now the great thing about being able to photograph with a friend or sibling is that your parents are able to get some great updated photos of siblings, and if your photographing with a friend then you will have some great memories together. You can take as many selfies as you like with a friend, but it is very rare that you are able to take some professional photos together to have for a lifetime to talk about. I have had the pleasure of photographing siblings with a birthday session, which is a lot of fun to share the spotlight with. It’s pretty tricky because you don’t want to take away from the birthday client, so you have to make sure to get plenty of them and then have their sibling or friend jump in. I find it so humbling when they want to share their session.


Your senior pictures are truly something to cherish and have for years to come, if you decide to have a friend or siblings with you for a shoot just make sure that it’s something you would really like to have. Check with your photographer and see if there is an extra fee involved for them to join or if the session actually includes a sibling or friend. Most photographers will have that included, but of course you just want to ask those questions when you are looking for a photographer.

At this time of your going to be a 2020 senior, it’s not to early to start planning for your senior year pictures. The fall is the best time to start getting those casual sessions done. Summer is coming to an end and it’s going to be a load of decisions and work load on you. Start thinking about if you would like to include someone in your special time. Don’t feel obligated to because if you want all the spot light by all means go ahead!!!



When you are ready to book your senior senior get with a parent and have them contact me so that we can sit for a free consultation about your senior session and what you want! Can’t wait to connect!!



Birthday sessions have become very popular!! I have always offered this session to my senior Rep. models as an extra add on for them which they absolutely love!!


I usually require them to plan for their session at least two to three weeks in advance. This gives time for proper locations and outfits to match. I treat it just like a regular senior session. We had a different location in mind at first, but that got changed. That didn’t stop us from finding the next location that would work  for us. Her first outfit was some ripped jeans with this off the shoulder purple lavender color top that laced up in the front! We tried to get out early enough before it got to hot. I think you can say we made it, a little, Lol!!!



Outside locations are great, but you have to watch for all the traffic that may be in the same locations. The first location was at a park, so you can already think about kids and grandparents. It was more a private area, but we had this one little girl who wanted to watch, so grandpa stood and watched for a little with her before making her go play. Who doesn’t like an audience!




Ravens second outfit was this blue stripped jumpsuit with spaghetti straps!! Cute? Yes it was!!! She actually changed in a Walgreens on the way to our next location because, well I didn’t have my portable changing tent with me. Oh and we stopped to get snacks while there. By the time we got there we had the whole place to ourselves, which was nice for a change. We started off with a cool down because at the time the sun was starting to beam!!!!


We made a little walk over to the bridge and then back under the shade and the stairs. When you are the only person with equipment and photographing, it gets pretty difficult sometimes, but we make it happen.


This outfit made her look  fierce!!!!!! Having multiple outfits for your shoot really helps to give you a verity to play around with and a verity of looks. Just with three outfits, it gave a different look and feel for her and the location also plays a role.






Now it was time for her final outfit which she told me was her favorite one! I can see why!! This little blue jean skirt and top gave her this little cowgirl feel, plus we added a hat I brought along as well. We decided from the black and this light pinkish color hat which actually had two black strings that hung from the back, but you couldn’t see them.


We stayed at the same location for this one as well, but I could already see a nice pocket white or brown fence to go with her look!!




Because we stayed in on the same location we had to move around just a little, but to be honest we actually took all the rest of these under the shaded platform. We took a few more breaks for this last shoot. When we were done we were just glad to hit some AC lol!!!!



Birthday sessions are a fun way to help bring in the celebration! Being able to post some great pictures of yourself is always a plus!

Besides if you want to make  invitations with some really cute poses you can do that as well. Whatever idea you have and want to create we can work together to do so. This is Ravens second Birthday session and it was a success!!!!


If you haven’t already head over the my Instagram page and help wish her a happy 17th 🍰!!











Dynique session

Dynique session was a little different then what we usually do. This time we decided to do an inside shoot at the studio!


She came with the camo and I love camo! I think that camo can make such a bold jester. With the green camo pants she wore a red shirt  that she got made for her birthday!



She also came with another cute outfit that fit her so well. The one thing that we were missing were some balloons to go for a really great look I was looking for, but with all the props and chairs that were there we made it work.

We also tried the backdrops that were there as well. We actually had planned on going outside and taking some more pictures, but it literally started to storm outside and as we were shooting inside we actually noticed all the clouds that were rolling in.



Sometimes right when you have a session planned and there is something in that session you really really look forward to, it just goes against you, so you have to find other ways to make it work. With my group of Reps. They have a free Birthday session they get to take at no extra cost to them.

It doesn’t have to be right when your birthday is, although most like to post for their big day. Even if they didn’t get a chance to get them done in time for their birthday I still offer them the chance to get them done. It’s just something about being able to show off a session for your birthday!! Studio sessions are pretty cool!!


I like to have plenty of time to be able to plan for your day, as well as the client having plenty of time being able to find the outfit they really want, especially if it has to be ordered. Think about getting a birthday session next time, and if you have an idea for something let me know. We can make it come alive.