Man oh Man!!!!

This shoot of 2019 Senior Jacolby was such a fun experience. First off let me start by just letting you know< at some point guys are a challenge to. Why? well let’s just say I shoot a lot of females, not by choice, but girls tend to love taking pictures a lot more than guys. Don’t get me wrong, not all, but most guys can care less about having their pictures taken.

Jacolby’s sister Lavette messaged me and asked if I would be able to do Jacolby’s Senior pictures, and I was more than  honored to say “yes”.  The last guy Senior pictures I took were of my nephew , so I was ready to get out and do some guys. We met up on a beautiful Sunday evening on location where it was packed with people enjoying the warm weather we finally received in Houston after all the cold and rain.



I will have to give him credit for coming ready to go. This young man was a true charm to work with and direct, although there really wasn’t much directing I had to do.

Jacolby has his model game on. I’m going to say so much so that he got stopped a lot of times by he females and guy’s telling him how sharp and handsome he looked. Within all the attention, we talked about some of his goals and sports he played in school, and let me tell you! I was really blown away that this young man played Football, Basketball, Tennis, and ran track!!! Talking about staying busy, and staying focused in school!

I was then interested to know what Jacolby planned on doing after high school, come to find out he took a photography course way back in middle school, but he wanted to go into the Art Institute at U of H, and then as a back up studio for Criminal Justice. I would definitely call Jacolby an Inspiring teen.