Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines to everyone!

I’m not going to do my usually long blog post but rather just a little show of images from the shoot!


Just a mini blog post for Valentines! It has really been a busy week and One of my Senior Reps came to do a mini session with her friend, and her little  sister came to get a different mini session in. It was great to have them in front of the camera!


Raven is one of my Senior Reps, so being in front of the camera with me wasn’t anything new. And what’s so funny is that because she had been shooting with me if I say do this or that she even knows what to do with her head as far as a little lean this way or that way. Lol it’s just funny to know how they pick up on me and know what I want or don’t want.

Starr is a friend of Ravens and this was her first time in front of the camera with me. Although I  know people are shy when they don’t know you or what to expect from you, but she got in front of the camera and really rocked it!


681D254B-6879-46B6-B72C-FDA5994303132E841C9C-7921-4178-8E05-BE49513FF225C083E0AA-0CBE-4D43-94E6-F08051DEE51E2AF2FFF6-5C81-47C3-9241-E933BCAA2F41Dyhana is Raven little sister and she will be joining my teen group, so I had the chance to get a few of her to warm up with. She’s not new to me only because she has been to a shoot with me for her Ravens birthday session! That means I look forward in doing her Birthday session as well!!



Mariandre L.

It’s another TBT( throwback Thursday) and today I’m throwing it back with Mariandre who came to me through a friend. Funny thing about this session is that it was pretty much a last min, and early morning shoot. It was a beautiful morning, still a small breeze outside, just enough for a sweater, ok maybe just for me because I get cold pretty easy. Smh(shaking my head). I was showing Mariandre how to pose and I didn’t even know Firoella was taking a boomerang for a behind the scenes, but I’m glade that she did.


I will be honest. This was a session where I was unsure what she was wearing for the shoot. Wait what? You didn’t get that information before the shoot? Uumm yes and no. So her friend which was a senior on my team, had been doing pictures with me of course and Maria wanted to see about a joint shoot for a shoot I was already planing with Friollea. I had no problem with that. So I told them about outfits and it was relayed to me here and there.

She turned up ready! The red off the shoulder top really complimented her and made her stand out with her dark long hair. We met up at a shopping center in a neighborhood I go to often. It was early, so we didn’t have to worry about shops being open and working around people. This session was originally a friendship session, so I wanted something that spoke it.


Besides, when you are shooting with a close friend it makes life so much easier. It also gives you a small sense of comfort and helps you relax because you have someone you trust by your side and help to make you laugh. Having them look at one another usually sparks a great laugh and I can get some really genuine shots!

There was one point where we were at this small bridge and the wind just wasn’t on our side but it gave me photo I love. Yes we go for perfect and flawless images, but sometimes that wind blows just right and gives us an “ ooohhhhh I like this” photo.
I didn’t want to remove anything from her face as far as her hair because I liked the way it came out just like that!

With this overall shoot we had a great time and some really good laughs. I even got a chance to know how long they been friends for and some other little funny stories! I love to get to know people from a more personal note! That gives me the opportunity to know just want I want to do. We got a lot of Genuine laughs and giggles.


Would you like to have a friendship session to have a lifetime to remember? Give me a call or shoot me a message and let’s get you set up!

Raven F.

7C5F1C1A-97CC-406D-9B5C-730AFD2EDE67Welcome to Thursday, as we call throwback Thursday! You know where we get to show a session or a senior, or anyone at that matter from some time ago? Well this one isn’t a some time ago session. Uuuummm ok maybe it is a little lol.


This session of Raven’s was one of my favorite sessions. I had always wanted to get some overalls in one of my shoots! Why? I have no idea Lol, but it had always been on my mind and I had been thinking about a shoot I can do with them. We had talked about doing another session as I am always in the works trying to get extra sessions in of my Rep. team, even with some of the planned ones. So she sent me pics of an outfit, and yes it was the overalls! (Yes! High-five myself). We had planned to meet up at location right before sunset so we could get prepared for any last min things before shooting.


As I pulled up and placed my car into park, she got out of her dads car and I couldn’t help but smile with the look she had. She had on her dark blue overalls with a black long sleeve top that If she had on jeans, the top would be a little above the belly button. She wore her hair down, with her natural curls somewhat wavy, and she had on this grey head band that looped in the front. To top it off she had on this reddish color lip stick that fit perfect to the outfit. She had her flats on to walk in and her heels in her hands. It’s funny because the girls tend to learn me and the things I like and dislike. They know to bring an extra pair of walking shoes so they aren’t stuck walking in heels to each location if we are in a big park and using multiple locations


when I go to certain places I always start in the back and work myself up to the front, so that by the time we are done we are already near the front and don’t have to walk all the way from the back to the front. So with that being said we started off in the back near a field and on the bridge. The sun at the time was in the perfect spot and gave me just the light I needed peeking through the trees and bushes. When We were done with the bridge we headed to the middle of this walking park where there is a slab of concrete and these large steeping blocks, or whatever you want to call them lol. As hard as heels can be sometimes I asked her to stand on top of one of the blocks and pose. Then I asked her to kneel. Like what? You want me to do what in these heels on top of this block? Ok she really didn’t say that out loud, but maybe in her head. Ok ok maybe not at all. Anyways, she was a trooper and was willing to try my poses.

I mean look at the pose though! She held her balance to a tee for that pic. and I can’t complain! One for the win! We moved on over to this little slip that leads to a handmade pond or lake, more like pond because it’s not large at all. I had her sit on the edge and I slowly walked my y’all self down the slope. Good thing I like to dress down and had on some tennis with some grip, because if I didn’t I probably would of went tumbling straight down. Uuuumm yeah now that I think about it.

That sun behind her was life. What we wait to shoot with, not all the time, but you have to admit that sunset makes a gorgeous photo!


After we finished up there we walked on over to the front and walked to where they have this tree that looks somewhat like a Christmas tree. If you saw my other blog post I actually posted that picture with an before and after edit post.

Finally we finished off by a fence that faces a street to the back of some apartments and I was able to snap a few there before we wrapped the session up. I’m always excited to go home and edit at least one to try and post for them and everyone else to see.

It’s always a pleasure to have someone in front of the camera, and creating a session that they will love and can talk about for years to come.
Thanks for letting me capture this session with you Raven, I had a ton of fun!

If you want to create a session that highlights you and the personality that you have, as my motto says “Just Be You” then feel free to contact me. Let’s create you!


Hello, and welcome to the blog post today!

Today I’m doing something a little different, I’m going to re-introduce myself and let you all know who I am! The one behind the camera! (So the pics in this blog post Is all me lol).These are all unedited because I wanted to show me.

I know I know, your thinking, but don’t you have a bio page that tells us that? Yes I do! My bio page is brief and just that, a bio! I want you to get to know me.  Ready? Ok!



Hi! My name is Shunta (shun-tay) I am a single mother of four, yes four kids, three boys and a girl. My oldest two are boys aged at 23 in March, and 21 in May. My daughter is 18 and 19 in May and then my youngest is a boy who will be 16 in June, a Gemini baby like me. I am a grandmother of three! Two granddaughters who one will be 2 in Feb. and 1 May first, and the youngest who is still new at 2 about to be three months is my grandson.

He wasn’t feeling the light nor the camera. Lol

I’m a no makeup type of girl who loves to dress down. And when I say dress down, I’m talking my jeans a tee and some tennis. Yes that’s me. Usually you would find me with my hair tied in a bun, because I hate hate hate to do my hair for the life of me lol. Now if someone else does I’m cool. Beauty shop all the time. Anyone who knows me and most my seniors know me very well. I do love to dress up, but if I had a choice? Had me my jeans and tee or a tank top. I think the only time I wore makeup was on my birthday last year. I have to admit I was feeling myself too. It looked good and it was done by my daughters friend @pretty_penny, of you ever see my daughter’s makeup, she’s the one!


I have loved photography since I was young but never really pursued it into a business until I was older. I mean older as in about four years ago (we not talking age lol) And I already knew my camera, even though you can never stop learning. I took pictures of my kids and of the family all the time. I promise you would always be able to come to my house and see pictures on the wall, scrapbooks and so on. When my mom passed away in 2005 I had nothing left but memories and a few pictures that we had taken from family reunions or little get together here and there, but very few with us together.

even though I photography mostly Seniors, it still reminded me how important it was to have pictures taken, but even more so why to have them printed. All of the pictures I had got flooded out. Yes so sad because there was ton. I could look at a picture and remember that moment like I was back in it. It’s something about holding and having that picture in your hand, compared to having them stored away on a file somewhere. So now here I am building up new memories for my family. New prints to hang on my wall. Faces for my kids to see and have.


As much as I like to take pictures, I love to be in front  of the camera as well. I think I do better when I’m taking them myself compared to someone else taking them. Why? Well believe it or not I have a great shy side of me. What??? Get out of here!! Lol, yes I do and my daughter never believes me when I say that. They only know and have seen a certain part of me. I’m a mother, what do you expect? I’m suppose to be strong! And that I am, but I have my flaws to. I hate to be in huge huge crowds of people but yet it doesn’t bother me when I’m working and photographing others. I guess that business mode sinks in and everything else is drowned out. I love to have fun, smile laugh and love to make others laugh if possible, and I’m not being corny.

I love shrimp! Uuumm let’s see fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, grilled barbecue shrimp, shrimp and grits, (I’m a Louisiana girl) any kind of shrimp as long as it’s not raw! Street tacos may be the next on the list, but it has to be from a good taco truck. I’m a little OCD, I have to have things a certain way. And I’m meaning organization.

So why Seniors? Omg Seniors are so fun to get in front of the camera. There is so much that you can do and capture of them. If they play sports, you have that on top of just being able to be creative. Then you have the teens and tweens who are loving the camera, and with the time in front of your camera and getting to know you as a photographer, the possibilities for what you all can create are way past what you can imagine. Once that bond is formed you can do so much and you will notice the difference in the photos. Besides, by they time they are seniors they will be so comfortable with you that it’s a breeze to photograph them.

I’m very self conscious about myself. Please I know what your thinking. Not by looking at my pictures right? I know, but yes believe it or not I am. I also love to help others in any way that I can. I have a big heart. I don’t do things because I feel I have to but because it’s what I feel is right from my heart.


I’m not sure what else to add, but that’s a little more open book about me. I mean all means feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Other then that, I hope that you enjoyed a different taste of my blog today! Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to lease a comment as well. It’s always welcome!

Shelia and Torri Birthday session


This is an actual throwback blog session for throwback Thursday. This session was a birthday session that we had did real quick. Both of these girls Birthdays are about the same time so I had asked them if they wanted a photoshoot done.

This was really an interesting evening. we had went over to a really nice neighborhood that had some really lovely locations.


so they both pulled up and had planed to have the large foil balloons to go with the outfits that they were wearing. Sheila came with Black number balloons to go with the silver dress that she wore and the black heels. Torri had a white dress that came off the shoulders and she had some large red number balloons that was going to go perfect with her red hills. Now I want you to keep in mind that this is golden hour(rush hour traffic.) That part comes in play with a certain part of this blog.


I’m going to start off with how they came so nicely dressed and ready. As we walked to our destination and they started to put on their hills, they had a friend with them who was there to help a little by holding the balloons and shoes and little things. So as Torri was putting on her hills and just as she was about to take her balloons one of the numbers flew up in the air. We tried to catch it, but it was to late and all we could do was stare looking at it as it flew away.

I’m sure you could image the mood! Mind you I said it was rush hour time, so you already know there wasn’t any time to go back and get another one and tell them that they didn’t tie the string on right enough. The Balloons were the mail part of the shoot. At this time she was so upset that she really didn’t want to take any pics so she went back to the car, not to mention that she had got a little makeup on the dress to top it off.


Because I knew that she was upset I had her friend go to the car and try to talk her into coming back to get some shots in, as we all know golden hour don’t last long. It’s like as soon as that golden hour peeps through it’s gone as fast as it actually came. No time to waste when shooting at that time. I started with Sheila since it seemed as though it was going to be a one girl show.


Just as the sun got to the finally peek of setting Torri came back to where we were at but she still wasn’t in the mood for shooting. I definitely wanted to get some shots of her. I mean why come all this way dressed all nice and pretty and not getting any shots regardless of no balloons. I was happy that she finally agreed to shoot, but she was still a little skeptical because of the makeup on her dress. For me that wasn’t an issue. You could bar see it and I knew it was something easily edited out.

I was so happy to get her to shoot so that I could get both of them and not miss all the golden light, that on some of her photos I forgot to tell her to take the hair tie off her wrist! I actually left it in some of these, as some of these are actually unedited and straight from the camera. Then of course the ones that I did deliver to her I actually took the hair tie off her wrist and it was of course edited. I also wanted to add that even though we didn’t get to use Torri balloons she did call up there and told them what happened and they gave her another ballon free of charge that she got to use for her party!! Yay to a happy ending!!


These girls have been doing some amazing things. Torri is off at College at PV and Shelia has accomplished some amazing things. You can actually see and follow her @shelialazatv

Birthday sessions have become a favorite! If you have a birthday coming up and want to get a session in, be sure to contact me in enough time so that we can have that session done in time to post for your day!

Not sure how to reach me?
Instagram: @Pink_Lilly_Photography


Facebook:Pink Lilly Photography





Ever wonder what your photographer is talking about when they talk about finding locations based off your outfits?


Crazy as it may seem, yes we really do go off outfits. A location and an outfit plays an important role together. Don’t get me wrong yes we can have an outfit and be at a location and make it work, but when you find the location that fits perfect to your outfit magic comes together with that image. This session I did a while back for a special young lady was all done at a mall, Yes a mall that was starting to go down before they started to fix it up again.


The one above was on the side of the mall. I loved the light that was coming in from there and the trees that were planted there. I found it to be the perfect background for what I wanted with her look. We even went to the back of the mall were the loading docks use to be. It wasn’t the prettiest of locations, but with the right view you can get just what you want.


As a photographer we drive to take the best in order to give you the best. The view that we see are totally different then what someone else may see, and that includes locations.
I also try to use as much of that location as I can. We used the parking lot, as well just for some really simple shots, some were actually off guard.



The others were taken on the side of the building and then there was one that we took on a car. Locations are key to getting you some great photos, and even though I have a motto of “Just Be You” I still match location with the outfit your coming with.


when you book your session we talk about locations and outfits and so much more at your consultation. It’s all about trying to make it happen for you, it’s your session. We will do our very best to find what your looking for to give you the best images.

If you’re ready to book your senior session then go ahead and contact me so we can start setting up your free consultation visit!


Arjhanae Throwback Session



Here is a throwback blog post with Arjhanae who I had the pleasure of having on my Senior Model Rep team. We had planned on meeting at this location which is one that I love to go to. They have this huge beautiful bridge that spreads over a large set of man made lake with a gorgeous park that I have also did sessions at.

we came right before the sunset of course to get that golden hour light that everyone loves including myself. We actually started over near another body of water on the dock they have so that we could shoot before the sun started to set. Why? Because on top of the bridge with the sun setting is just over the top beautiful lighting. The picture I have below shows just that golden hour light!


I mean look at the view behind her! This place has been the center of some gorgeous shoots for birthdays, Fourth of July and so much more. The outfit she had picked was perfect when I paired her up with the bird watch. The colors that she had were just perfect because it wasn’t to much or to little and with the touch of red in her hair it fit perfectly. I was so at awe that every little corner, or every little area we came across I wanted to catch a shot there.
I will be honest, as soon as I saw that bird watch i knew I wanted a shot with her near it.

This session was actually her second session with me. The very  first session was at our meet up for my Senior Reps, team and that was the first time that I actually met Arjhana. The team also got a chance to do each individual shoots with me as well as a whole. You would of never thought that she was ever nervous in front of the camera. When I take the time to look back at all the sessions from the crew it’s crazy to actually see the confidence and change they go through. It’s like watching my own kids grow up! That’s the kind of bond we actually build together as well!

One of the main things I like to build up is confidence with one self.