Arjhanae Throwback Session



Here is a throwback blog post with Arjhanae who I had the pleasure of having on my Senior Model Rep team. We had planned on meeting at this location which is one that I love to go to. They have this huge beautiful bridge that spreads over a large set of man made lake with a gorgeous park that I have also did sessions at.

we came right before the sunset of course to get that golden hour light that everyone loves including myself. We actually started over near another body of water on the dock they have so that we could shoot before the sun started to set. Why? Because on top of the bridge with the sun setting is just over the top beautiful lighting. The picture I have below shows just that golden hour light!


I mean look at the view behind her! This place has been the center of some gorgeous shoots for birthdays, Fourth of July and so much more. The outfit she had picked was perfect when I paired her up with the bird watch. The colors that she had were just perfect because it wasn’t to much or to little and with the touch of red in her hair it fit perfectly. I was so at awe that every little corner, or every little area we came across I wanted to catch a shot there.
I will be honest, as soon as I saw that bird watch i knew I wanted a shot with her near it.

This session was actually her second session with me. The very  first session was at our meet up for my Senior Reps, team and that was the first time that I actually met Arjhana. The team also got a chance to do each individual shoots with me as well as a whole. You would of never thought that she was ever nervous in front of the camera. When I take the time to look back at all the sessions from the crew it’s crazy to actually see the confidence and change they go through. It’s like watching my own kids grow up! That’s the kind of bond we actually build together as well!

One of the main things I like to build up is confidence with one self. 



Senior Model


As a senior model, ambassador for Pink Lilly Photography, you’re the face, style, and you’re the person other people admire. If you love to have fun, energetic and love to be in front of the camera, then you are the one I’m looking for and could be a great fit for Pink Lilly Photography.

If I have your attention and you’re interested, fill out the application with your parents.


Now that we have that part out the way, there are a few things I look for when choosing an ambassador for my team. I do require parents to be involved, but I also look at your social media, making sure that your active and have a positive feed.

Let’s get to a little more of the details here. I’m sure that everyone wants to know if there is a fee to be a part of the team. The answer to that is yes. Let me tell you why. The fee is $250.00 and this covers your professional makeup and style shoot in May. (Fee is paid once your chosen for the team)
Want to have someone you already know to help with the ease? Get with your friends and have them apply as well!



Ambassador Schedule

as we wait on the applications to role in I am going over a draft of what the schedule will look like. This schedule will differ for 9th -11th graders. If you are chosen to be on the team you will receive a package in the mail with all your goodies, shirt, magazine and other goodies as well as your schedule with what to expect through the year.

Jan-Feb. applications accepted: all applications will end come Feb.15th so don’t wait to apply
after all applicants are picked we will do an announcement one by one on who was picked!

Feb. 22nd headshots for all the applicants

March 7th: ambassador party!! Get to mingle and meet the rest of the team and get to know one another! (Shoot as well)

April: class of 2020 senior group and individual shoot, as well as a themed shoot! If you have a college shirt or outfit you would like to add bring it as well.

May: professional hair and makeup done with a style shoot for the group and some individual shoots! You are also wearing your chosen outfits as well for this shoot.

Information on the other theme shoots will be released. Don’t forget you get a free Birthday shoot which is so popular with the team!

This is such a great opportunity to be a part of something so fun and rewarding.

Pink Lilly Photography



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Team Reps

img_1456-012019 is coming to an end. 2020 is right around the corner, and that means that new teams will be chosen for the new year. If you have ever wondered how to get on the team and take advantage of some great sessions throughout the year then this is the blog post you should be reading.

Come 2020 I have set up a new way to go about my Rep. team and set up a new following schedule so that everyone will know when to expect shoots!


The great thing about being on the Senior Rep team is the fun shootouts you will get to take part in as well as being able to meet new people and make some great connections. You will get to take part in some group shoots as well as some single shoots that just involve you.

I also add something a little special for my team when they sign up.You will get your birthday session added in! If you don’t know anything about the birthday session then now is the time to ask any of your friends who may have been on the team. Your senior session is also included! That will include your fall or spring casual session, even both, and then your senior session with your cap and gown on top of some great themed and non themed shoots.

And did I say Birthday sessions!! Yes I did and repeating because it’s all so fun.

I have a newsletter coming up that will let you know when applications for the next senior team will be able to apply. There are so many goodies that come in your welcome package if you are chosen to be on the team.

If you are an upcoming senior graduating in 2021 and haven’t signed up for the newsletter, what are you waiting for? This is a huge opportunity to have fun your last year in high school being involved with shoots and getting your senior pictures done without having to have the hassle of looking for a photographer!

For anyone 9th grade to 11th grade I also have a program for you as well! Stay tuned for that upcoming information!


Before and After

Today on the blog we are going to talk about before and after.

You ever get your pictures taken and been so ready to see them and get them back? Who haven’t been!! Your all excited and just want to see just one. Sometimes we may put a sneak peek up the same night, but then again maybe the next day.

Just in case your to anxious to wait, just know that there is work that goes into getting your photos ready for a beautiful reveal.

I wanted to show you a few of my before and afters. The first one is during a great sunset we caught. On the before you can see a little of the sunset, but not much of the light I really wanted to showcase behind her.

Here is where you are able to see the difference in the lighting as I brought more of the sunset out behind her, which in turn makes the picture brighter as well.

Here is another before and after, except in this one I show you a location we were at and where she was actually posing to get the shot I have. This gives you an insight as to where I may have you take a picture in a somewhat crazy location to you, but to me I see something totally different to get a great shot!

Look at the before and after in the photos above! Look how the colors are brought out in this photo to give you a better feel, and to make this photo pop!

For the set of photos above you can see the difference in the color after editing, but I also cropped the photo as well. Actually bringing them closer for a better feel of what I wanted.

BEFORE                                   AFTER

Once again you see the difference in the color! You can also see the difference in the lighting.
Natural light photography comes with all kinds of challenges, including the sun coming in and out, clouds, and more.

Anytime that you book and decide on a date is when you would contact me. Once contacted we will go through a day and time for a consultation. Keep in mind once again that it takes time to get all your pictures ready for you to view. Most of the time your viewing of your images will be slightly edited, but once you choose the products and pictures you want, they will go through a full edit.

I hope that this gives you an idea of what you can expect for your finishing products.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me on the contact page.


I had a great time getting this young lady back in front of my camera. A former senior and a Rep on my team. Riyah was in town for a little visit and I just had to get her back in front of the camera.

It was a last min decision on where to shoot, and so we had to think quick to find the right location. I thought about a park I go to. I would have loved to go downtown, but for other reasons we couldn’t make that one. It wasn’t a big deal, it’s all about using the location to your advantage.

Her biggest cheerleader is her sister who is also a rep on my team and a senior this year. It’s always a joy to have them together because I love the bond that they have with one another. When I get them both in front of the camera it’s magic!!!


Anyone who knows Riyah in front of my camera knows that this young lady always rocks it!! She came in a great fitted mustard colored button down dress and these clear hills that topped it off!

The weather was perfect outside with just the amount of wind blowing and some great sunlight, enough to get just the lighting I needed for every angle she was in.

I even took a backdrop with us and tried that out to see how that would work. It was only a test and I had my two helpers holding it up.


We stayed over in the one location for awhile just walking to different areas to get a different shot, but each shot was a keeper!

I have a lot of girls that are looking into getting into modeling or even building their portfolio. If your looking to get in front of the camera and get to being comfortable let me know. We can shoot in different locations, in or out, and we are able to get dressy, casual, or just down to earth! You can contact me in my contact page for more information.

Alexis Mini documentary




Today I am doing something a little different for my blog post. My blog is a small documentary of a senior, who has recently graduated. When  I started photographing Alexis, she really touched me after I received back her questionnaire for senior photos. This  made me want to really learn a little more about her.


This blog post was based on a questionnaire I sent Alexis to fill out and I narrated it with her speaking.. I wanted to share this blog post for a couple of different reasons. Many times young ladies and men in school are bullied and parents are not aware, as well as going through society thinking we have to look or dress a certain way to be accepted, or loved. That’s not true. It’s all about who you are and loving that person in and out. As Photographer’s we know that confidence shows through your pictures.

Take a moment and listen to her story and even leave a comment afterwards!


Hello! My name is Alexis.S.

I have been a dancer for five years but I have expanded my dance to hula hoop dancing which lead to fire spinning and now I have been doing that for 4 to 5 years.

I’m 18 years old. I came across Shunta with Pink Lilly Photography through a childhood friend of mine who’s name is also Alexis, who had been shooting with her and suggested that I contact her for a shoot.

When I first met with Shunta I was extremely excited and nervous, I was hoping that I could pose how she envisioned me and that I’ll meet her expectations for a good model. she made me feel comfortable with myself and the pictures we were taking, and by the end of the shoot I was excited to try new poses and ideas.

I have felt low about myself, my looks, my voice and my talents and abilities since I was younger due to bullying and negative comments my biological father used to say to and about me. Although my self-esteem is not the best I still manage to live my day, day by day and the feed off the small amount of positive words whether it be someone giving me a small compliment on my success, or looks. I’m living my best days on that, which allows me to build my self-esteem and find new things to love about myself.



I could give a list on what I’d like to change about myself but I wouldn’t do any of them because I feel like I am a better person because of what I have experienced. The hardest thing I have been through would be coming to terms with and overcoming my many disorders.

When I was diagnosed with bipolar anxiety and manic depression as well as anorexia I ended up in the hospital because I tried to commit suicide, this was hard for both my family and myself because no one knew how to overcome these disorders but knew we had to get through it. I was easily saddened and the simplest things would put me into depression, I had a hard time eating weather because I was trying to fix myself “for a date” or fix my looks. even eating made me feel repulsive. I would have horrible panic attacks in which sitting still was impossible and breathing felt Impossible, they became so bad that I would black out due to hyperventilation.

When I woke up in the hospital and saw how sad my family was, the way that they were crying and confused as to why, it made me change things, gave me motivation because my little brother found it hard to go about his daily due to fear of losing me. I will admit it’s not easy and I still struggle, but focusing on the more beautiful things in life like being able to see how beautiful the sun is rising in the morning and being able to put a smile on somebody else’s face. Seeing the progress I have made has help me to look past it all.

having the opportunity to be photographed and used as a model has made me tend to focus on the outcome of the photos and after the first couple of shoots I have found to see more beauty in myself and have come to be more confident about my looks.

It has been an honor to model and get photos taken by Shunta, I never expected my photos to be featured on another Instagram page let alone a magazine,(smiling) but she has made that possible.

She goes into a shoot with an idea and makes you come alive, I truly feel beautiful in her photos, and I’ve had a hard time finding a photographer that can do that for me. I think I should add that despite my doubt about myself Shunta always finds a way to make you feel beautiful weather through small comments she makes throughout the shoot or the photos she delivers at the end. I’d like to thank Shunta for being such an amazing photographer and helping me build my confidence back up.


Alexis .S.

Being who you are and loving who you are are so important in life. I love my motto “JUST BE YOU” and there are a lot of photographers who also due the beautiful campaign for anti bullying.


From the time that I actually met Alexis till now, we still have a connection. I have since then photographed her and I also have a project that I’m working on with her as well as some of the other seniors that have graduated high school already. I have a project with them telling their stories, and to be honest I really can’t wait to share it!!

Alexis is a very brave and strong young lady who was willing to share all of this with everyone before graduating. To be a part of making her see the true beauty she is will always be something far more special!

Alexis story was also shared and published inside of Inspiring Teens Magazine who’s was an honor and also really made her and her mom so proud!



The Guys sessions!!!

Ok, so most guys don’t like getting pictures taken, well let me put that differently lol!!


most guys don’t like to get their pictures taken professionally when a parent wants them to get pictures done, let alone senior pictures. If they were taking a picture with a friend or a selfie to post on snap chat or instagram for friends and followers they are all open.


Why do you think this is? Guys are not like females who absolutely love to be in front of the camera, but some are. Guys tend to feel awkward in front of the camera with someone they don’t know. First they are expected to dress up all nice in something they probably don’t want to be in, and then they are expected to go and just get in front of a camera with someone directing them to pose and smile. Uuumm ok!! Guys you have to come across a little different. We have time to get to know the females a little better then we do with the guys,  one of those reasons is because the females come in for full hair and makeup. There isn’t much that need to be done with guys.


A nice hair do and dressed and ready to go. So with the guys when we meet with them and their parents for their consultation, that’s our time to really get to know him and see what he likes. From there we need to take that information we  learned and build his session around that. If he plays football have him bring a football or letterman jacket. Even his uniform and work around that. Make him feel more comfortable. If you have to start his session with something that fits him more then do that if it helps to loosen him up.

Now that you may have him talking and a little more comfortable in front of the camera and with you, now you can move on to other outfits that he may have brought, casual, dressy. Also don’t forget to talk to him all during the session as well. Showing him behind the camera just like we do the females. Tease him about looking like a model, (which I’m sure he does) asked him about favorite T.V shows or characters he like and why. Ask questions that might get a natural smile or laugh.

Guys are easier and harder all at the same time. Make it fun!! Parents will love you for getting some natural awesome pictures of their son.