Hailey Session



Hailey is one of those girls you just have to get in front of the camera! This girl can rock some looks. She has a style of her own and I love that she’s so comfortable with it. We first shot together about a year ago. She actually came along with a friend who I was doing a shoot for. She has this really innocent shy look, but is a true natural on front of the camera. If you ask her to strike a pose, she nails it.

This was actually our third time getting to shoot. I knew a location and it was perfect. She came ready with three different outfits, all working perfectly into location. When we started off we walked all the way to the back with a bridge, but while there I noticed that the field hadn’t been cut yet so it made perfect for what I was looking to do with her.


I originally had panned the shoot around the skateboard, but the other outfits that she brought came in perfect hand with the skateboard, She just gave it a whole new look, and I loved it. Her shoot was done in the evening about 4:30pm. The sun was just at the point of setting, and I wanted some great light. Not to mention for once in my life and session time I took my reflector with me. Lol, I took a few shots with and without it.

7A995C00-79DF-4EF3-AD2B-A2579E2BE2A0After we got a few shots of her in the first outfit she pulled out her outfit for the skateboard and I was in love.

So we decided to move on over to the concrete so that we could catch the sun in the right spot.

We had this whole little walking park trail to ourselves, aside from just the small little crowd that was there.

She had this perfect yellow bodysuit with some black shorts that looked so 70’s. With her dark black hair, those beautiful blue eyes, and that amazing tattoo she has on her leg, the look was more then perfect! There wasn’t a lot of directing I had to do with her. Location was great for the simple shots I wanted.


Her last outfit we had time with, was this black bodysuit and she had this really awesome coverup dress. Straight see through, but the sequence that was on that dress was beautiful. I had to go back to the field for it!!

we passed by this one spot that had some old tree limbs cut down, and as I was walking pass it I couldn’t turn my head away. I just stopped and placed my things down and told her we had to get a shot here. It was funny because she looked at me and said “ I was going to ask you if you wanted to stop because I saw you just staring at it”  I couldn’t help but laugh.


we shot just what I wanted and moved along back to the field. As the sun was setting we ended up with some great sunset shots. She gave me some magical images.





If you struggle on outfits, but want something that will make you look nice for your senior pictures, there are a ton of recourse you can look up. One of my favorites is Pinterest!



There are so many key words you can put in for every style. If your looking for something more suburban, dressy, casual, formal, it doesn’t matter. Any and all of those styles can be dressed up to fit your style and give you the look your looking for.

I also tell clients that you don’t always have to go out and buy a new outfit for a shoot. There are plenty of things you can find right in your closet. Yes! Think about an outfit you have. The average person usually takes that same outfit, Jeans or shorts and pair them to the same thing. How about mix and matching them up to get a totally different look. Pair them with some different jewelry to give it a new fresh look as well. Just by adding a necklace, or a pair of earrings will make the whole outfit pop fresh! Go ahead, try it. Get something out your closet, pair it with something different, add some different earrings that you may not usually wear with it, add a different necklace. Try something bold! Watch just how that same outfit look new!!

Add bracelets, add a shirt to tie around the waist!! Yes, all these things can make one outfit look new.

When it comes to outfits, your shoes also make a difference in how you make that outfit look.

Either outfit above can be worn with heels, sandals, or some simple flats and you will get a new fresh look each time.

Heels will give you a more dressy girly sexy look. Tennis shoes will give you a more down look and sandals will give you a nice casual look.


Don’t forget your belt. I have hats that would match and add some glam to your outfits as well. Hats can go with dressy or casual outfits.

Think about this when your getting ready for your senior session. I know everyone wants to wear something no one has seen before, something new, but just remember, you can also take those same outfits you have and make them brand new again.

When you book, and we do your free consultation for your senior pictures, we will talk and go over all the details about outfits and what your looking for.

Don’t forget to check out Pinterest for some ideas to help you.

Some of the sites I love on Pinterest are

@Privity Boutique, @Lulus, @Zuful

Keep in mind that if you do decide to order any outfits to make sure you order them in enough time to have before your session. Nothing like getting an outfit, realizing it don’t fit and then having to scramble to find something, and it’s  not what you really want.

Start planning for your senior casual pictures and start looking and deciding on outfits.

Can’t  wait to work with you!!



Fiorella Session


It has been about a year since the last time I had the chance to photograph this beautiful young lady. A lot has happened since then. Graduation, working, traveling!!

Fiorella had contacted me about another session and we got a date together to shoot. The weather was nice, we had a great breeze, and a beautiful location that we were able to take advantage of. When asked about her outfit, she told me she had this cute yellow top she wanted to wear, and of course I was excited to see some bright colors. I mean why not? Summer is right around the corner!!

When we got together, I was even more excited because she had the perfect look with this cute outfit!! With the perfect somewhat cloudy day with the sun peeking out here  and there!

I really wanted her to stand out in her photos and of course as a photographer we have to be mindful and really pay attention to the surroundings in a photo not to take away from the person we are photographing. we started off at this little park that’s called the Tree House, which is a huge oak tree made into a large tree house. we captured some shoots up and downstairs. we then moved and drove around the corner to another park that had so many different locations you really wouldn’t now we were in the same location. Her session was awesome.

I used every location that we could and ruled out nothing at all. There were these red orange tables the really popped with her outfit. Then the grey poles. I have actually used this location more then two times, but always find another way to use it.

It’s really something how you can take one location ad make it look different each time.

IMG_9142.jpegThere were these really cool Red poles that are actually water sprinklers for the kids to run through in the summer. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!! Then closer to the playground were the large wooden logs that had this climbing net under it.

I even used the bike rack. I mean why not! Not even a good ten minutes away from home and around so many things. Stopped for a break, got some snacks, and went back to shooting.

Last we were about ready to go and as we were walking back to the car in the parking lot I stopped and saw this little, but tall patch of grass and asked her to neal down. The sun decided to come out just a little which gave me a perfect setting making it look like were in a field instead of in a parking lot.

image_6483441If your looking for a beautiful gallery to cherish like hers, contact me so we can set up a free consultation and talk about what your looking for. All you have to do is head over to my contact page and send me a message. Can’t wait to connect!!!

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