It’s almost that time!!


It’s almost that time to vote for the next cover of the magazine that will be the main magazine for Pink Lilly Photography for the full 2021 year! Any and everyone will be seeing this magazine! Below are a few examples of some of the cover images that will be voted on! I have also made a separate magazine for the teens. That means two magazines and two winners for the cover.

Voting will go up on my Instagram story for everyone to vote. It doesn’t matter how many times you vote, but I would highly recommend you get those family and friends to vote for you as well! For any of my seniors this year, If you have a favorite pic you would like to have in the running let me know and I will add that one for you.





Applications for the 2021 seniors are opening up. Also if you are a class of 2022,2023, or 2024 now is the time to fill out applications to be on the team. The B•you•tiful team where you can just be you!! All you have to do is go to the join the team page and fill out the application. Applications will be taken till mid Jan and then we will have a full meeting with parents and you and some of my past seniors who were on the team! Everyone may apply but not everyone will be chosen. If your looking for something fun and rewarding through the summer and through the year, then this is for you!! Head on over and apply!!! Can’t wait to have you on my team!!


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