00E7D275-6DD0-438C-B4A0-29365E1E6F80  “My first shoot with Pink Lilly Photography was enjoyable, Shunta made me feel really comfortable because I was really nervous about the shoot at first, and after we started shooting she told me to relax and just be myself.

I always love how the pictures always turn out and how adventures the shoots are. My best experience I had was the first shoot out when I joined the Senior Rep team and she took us to this big old house. I got to meet so many new people and was able to see how a photo shoot really went. I would definitely recommend Pink Lilly Photography to friends and family”





“I enjoyed my first shoot with Shunta a lot, I was so shy at first because I never had a professional photo shoot, but after a few shots I was very comfortable because Shunta with Pink Lilly Photography mad me feel so confident.

I  would highly recommend Shunta to friends and family, with the experience I had, and I love hat she is willing to work with your ideas as well”




” On a scale from 1-10 I would for sure say a 10! I love being in front of the camera and Shunta made me feel so comfortable.

I would say that my favorite part is being able to change into different outfits and definitely the poses! I would for sure take more photos with Pink Lilly Photography and recommend to friends and family”