The experience will start the moment you decide to sign up. We will set up a time to meet in person or on the phone if you’d prefer and have your free consultation meeting. During this time we will talk about and plan everything for your shoot. This will cover the number of outfits, what type of clothing, and colors to wear, makeup/hair( things that look good in front of the camera), and what you want. If your not the type for fashion, or just need a little help, no worries, I will be more then happy to help with all of that.




Final decisions on outfits must be made and sent to me no later then one week before the shoot. I plan locations based off outfits to make sure it will fit perfectly for you, and per location.

If you don’t want to shoot alone for your session, you are more then welcome to bring a friend to shoot with you and add to your session.  This will need to be noted to me during the time of your consultation. If they aren’t coming to shoot with you but to just hang out and be of support. No problem, just know I will put them to work.

A non-refundable retainer fee is due at the time of booking. This fee is for time, editing and any other small things that may need to be done. A final booking to hold your spot is not confirmed until this fee is paid in full.

*please note that this fee does not include any products, prints, or digitals*

any additional travel time of 45miles from the Katy area will be an extra $40.00 mileage fee


After your meeting I will follow up with you one week before the shoot to make sure all outfits have been chosen, to check up on you, and to confirm locations and ect. I will also make sure those butterflies you may be having in your stomach is eased as well.

if there are any questions or concerns that you may have, this is the time to bring it up. I do require and highly recommend that getting your hair and makeup done by a professional. These are your senior pictures and trust me you want to look your best.



I plan on adding a professional HMUA to the team soon.





The day of your shoot we will meet on location as planned. I am very big on time and others, therefore I will only wait 15 min and then we will have to reschedule. I usually ask that everyone show up at least 30min early, just to have time to do any last min touch ups needed.

I have a portable pop up changing room so that you are able to change without having to go in out of bathrooms to save time.

At each location we will get as many shots as needed to get you plenty of pictures to choose and admire. I am very open to any suggestions that you may have. I will help and guide you through any pose to help make you look natural, although I don’t think I will have to do much. I know that you got this.


Two weeks after your session I will send you an email protected link to view your gallery. These images will be slightly edited, but not to the full max. The two weeks time frame is to cull and go through all of your images keeping only the best.

After you have viewed your gallery I will follow up within a few days to set up a meeting  and talk about your images and products, prints ect. At this time you are able to make a decision to what you would like to order.

Galleries are only available for 15 days and then they are archived. To reopen the gallery will be a fee of $40.00.

All payments for products are due at the time of ordering, if you would like to set up a payment plan we can discuss that as well, just please note that no products will be ordered or edited until finial payment is due.

time frame for products and prints to be delivered is a minimum to max time of 2-4 weeks. Please keep that in mind when ordering grad gifts.

All digitalis are available to purchase at a price and will come with a print release form so that you are able to print them at any location you please.

* Quality of  prints are not guaranteed when printed  from retailers compared to my lab*


Once products are delivered, I will send an email with a short survey, questionnaire asking about your experience with Pink Lilly Photography.  It will be greatly appreciative if you could fill it out and send it back. This is a way for me to help improve my service.


Thank you you so much for considering me as your photographer for your senior pictures. It is always an honor to be able to capture these moments to last a lifetime.